Trump Immigration Policy Opposed: Atlanta Mayoral Candidate To Speak Out At News Conference


Green Party Mayoral Candidate Al Bartell Responds To Trump Chief Of Staff On Immigration

Today, November 22, 2016, Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Al Bartell will release an immigration public policy statement in a news conference from 2-2:30pm at the public space of Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta (91 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303).

Bartell's public policy statement is in response to President-elect Donald Trump's Chief of Staff Reince Priebus who made comments during yesterday's CNN State of the Union interview regarding urban centers with progressive immigration policies.

Priebus re-communicated Trump's intentions to withhold federal funding from urban centers across America with such policies.

Known for his public policy expertise in the communities of Atlanta, Bartell is one of thirteen candidates running for Mayor in the November 2017 elections.

The state of Georgia passed more restrictive immigration legislation as recently as 2011, resulting, in what Forbes Opinion Contributor Benjamin Powell termed "unintended consequences", including labor shortages and $140 million in agricultural losses.

"We cannot sit back and stay silent about this threat to urban funding, holding our public policy and urban cities hostage."