The Four Levels of Bill Kreml's Presidential Campaign

I am not planning to run an issues based campaign. I respect the rights of others to do so. I have no idea what the decision process was to run an issues based campaign in 2016 but I can assure my friends that I had no part in that decision. My campaign will center around the two page, single spaced message I put out and sent to forty people in May of this year. Anyone who wants a copy of that platform document can email me at and I will send it to you. In brief, my campaign, that has traveled to seven states and done skypes, radio interviews, and the like, is based on a) the need for a comprehensive and original political ideology/philosophy, b) the need for constitutional level reform in our federal government, c) my thoughts on the Abrahamic Civil War, and d) the need of the Green Party to reexamine its position on decentralization with regard to the national government's structures and processes. Again, any questions whatever, and/or invitations to come to your Green Party, or do a skype, please be in touch at the above email address. If anyone wishes to contribute to my campaign, please send a check to Bill Kreml for President, 111 Southwood Dr., Columbia, SC 29205.  My thanks to those who have hosted me so far, and to those whom I hope to visit over the next seven months.  Bill   A quick response to the question of "issues." I may not have made myself clear and I apologize for that. When I say that my campaign is not an issues campaign, what I mean is that it is not focused on the contemporary, topical issues of the day. Yes, in the broadest sense of the term, I am bringing up issues, but they are of the ideological and structural kind that deal with long festering problems. That is the sense in which I say I am not dealing with issues. Thank you. Bill  


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    I don’t believe an individual’s campaign strategy should be part of an issues platform. Plus, his “levels” are issues so I don’t see how he can claim to run a non-issue campaign?
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