Grassroots: Create one multiparty for ballot access. Build common state and national issues through multiparty process. Allows each individual group/party to pursue own issues while acting together on key common issues and ballot access/ voting rights. Peace: End capital punishment and review criminal sentencing. Ecology: Check off on utility bills allowing consumers to choose alternative energy sources, and present cost of generation. Create walkable and accessible economic areas in local communities through planning and targeted investment cooperation. Create and expand public lands as cooperatives, parks, nature areas, outdoors, recreation, and local gardening, funded by cooperative shareholder users. A small property tax to provide capital investment in parks, including areas needed park development. Social Justice: Create generous benefits for individuals, and have them pay them back, over time on reasonable terms, as they are able to. All benefits voluntarily offered on same terms to all persons. Basic goods like housing, education, transportation, health, nutrition, general clothing and personal. Create a bond/loan/tax reduction that allows business to offset all wages at the median and under. Create a progressive living/median wage.

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