Health At Every Size

I believe my contribution has scope in at least Nonviolence and Social Justice, and particularly in line with your Confronting Oppressive Behaviors series. I am wondering if the Green party or candidates have ever had any exposure to the Health At Every Size paradigm, a position being taken by a small but growing number of medical and health professionals seeking a different way of addressing the health needs of adipose people without all the vicious marketing, bullying, threats, and toxic and maiming approaches and treatment proposals arising from the standardized line on "obesity". Advocates of HAES see themselves as participants in the social justice project, because this to them means the end of discriminatory medical treatment, conditioning of treatment, punitive extra fees, disqualification from individual plans, wage penalization, architectural discrimination, commodity discrimination, and other iniquities based on the number on a scale. I know your candidates, as well as those of P&F/PSL and the Democrats, will be vying for the votes of many HAES advocates, appealing to the principles of health and economic justice. I'd like to see this discussed, because there is documented evidence that in many cases, in tandem with better food production and distribution and encouragement of healthy movement, abolishing weight or BMI goals and opting rather for training in resilience, flexibility, stress mitigation, critical thinking and self empowerment has superior results in terms of long term health, emotional polarities, and compliance to the approach. I hope you'll explore this. HAES is the acronym for the paradigm, and the primary organization developing programs to this line is the Association for Size Diversity and Health.

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