Support Wolf-Pac's 28th Amendment, FairVote, and Merge with other left parties

The biggest thing stopping the Green Party from being able to make progressive changes and getting elected is the First Past the Post voting system in the United States. The way to remedy this is simple: The first step towards ending the stranglehold the corporations and billionaires have on our democracy and government is by supporting Wolf-Pac, which is currently in the process of having the states override Congress by calling for an Article V convention to pass the 28th Amendment to the Constitution. This organization already has four states which have fully called for an Article V convention, and six other states which are in the process of approving the call for an Article V convention. The 2016 green party nominee should use their platform to encourage everyone to support Wolf-Pac, including the Green Party itself working in tandem with Wolf-Pac members to help accelerate the process. The Green Party nominee should also get the word out about FairVote, as well as proportional representation, as that is the next step in allowing the Green Party as well as many other third parties to get fair representation. Proportional representation would be significant as it would allow the American people to have a true, representative democracy as opposed to the two-party crony capitalist parties we have now. The last thing that the Green Party nominee should advocate for is the unifying of the American Left. The reason for this is that the party would be significantly stronger if we unified as one party rather than allow sectarianism to weaken our progressive voices. The biggest third party in the United States is the Libertarian Party, thus it is extremely important for the Green Party to expand its influence by allowing the large number of smaller leftist parties to merge with it. There are parties like Socialist Alternative, the Socialist Party USA, CPUSA, GPUSA, and other parties on the left with notable numbers of members as well as influence that could be absorbed into the Green Party to make a unified left party and benefit all Americans on the left, much like parties in Denmark such as the Red-Green Coalition which represents a large number of people on the left. Overcoming differences between our parties would strengthen all our progressive voices. These three strategies/issues fall under the Grassroots Democracy movement.

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    This is very important and should be implemented as long as the green party is not dissolved
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    I agree that we need to build multi-party coalitions, especially for federal elections, and I believe that we must combine this with grassroots popular education that brings people together at a local and regional level, to identify common struggles, work they can share in doing, and common commitments that we ground in generative dialog and debate. I don’t see how parties can be a vehicle for building a grassroots democracy without a grassroots process for uniting people in the places they live and care about.
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    Yes, support FairVote (an excellent non-profit org) and amend the Constitution as needed to restore fairness in elections. I am less enthusiastic about merging the various “left” parties, because such a broad coalition would bog down seeking consensus. The Green Party has a special voice that is worth maintaining. However, a good reform would be laws allowing “fusion” candidates supported by several parties. Another crucial reform is ranked-choice voting (“instant runoff”), which would allow voters to rank their preferences for candidates, thereby increasing turnout because we could vote for what we really want, rather than the lesser of two evils, and this would eliminate the fear of “throwing away” one’s vote when voting for a third party.
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