Sowing the seeds of the future


As we approach this traditional Harvest Holiday, we contemplate the gratitude and love for our community that motivates us to work toward a world in which considerations for people, peace, and planet are placed above profit in our social priorities.

We are grateful for the 285,614 individuals that voted FOR Martina Salinas for Railroad Commissioner in 2016, letting us know with certainty that the Green Party of Texas has more than ample public support to regain ballot access in 2018. Already, thousands have signed our pledge to help put Texas Greens back on the ballot in 2018, and collecting the necessary petition signatures sure is going to be a lot easier when we have thousands of people lined up to help us in advance! Our goal for 2017 is to make ready for 2018, and we are grateful to you for engaging in this endeavor with us!

January of 2017 will see GPTX SEC roll out new literature, party materials, and events to support development of new local groups. In February, the SEC plans a working retreat for key local volunteers to complete essential organizational tasks & training. The 2017 GPTX state meeting will be in June, and will include much greater focus on developing our slate of candidates & preparations for the 2018 convention process & petition drive.

Check the GPTX calendar for events in your area & keep up on facebook, twitter, and at Help us grow Green groups in your area by starting your own club & working with us to host events! In order for this party to succeed, we need YOU to invest yourself in its continued operation. We have a plan, now we need YOU to help implement it.

Start thinking about it ... Might YOU want to run as a Green candidate & help deliver the Green platform message to the public? Will YOU commit to helping organize signature collection in your area? Or to supporting the campaign of another? There are many roles to play & connections to be made.

We hope you will join us in this adventure of attempting to build a world that works for all of us! One of the ways you can help on this journey is to commit to a small sustaining donation. Will you pledge to sustain party operations today?

In Solidarity & Appreciation,
Laura Palmer
co-chair GPTX SEC

Green Party of Texas