(Monthly) Giving Tuesday 2020 Sustainers Drive!

Will You Help Us Make Our Goal of 100 New Monthly Sustainers?

It's Giving Tuesday! This year, we're asking 100 Greens to sign up to give as Monthly Sustainers and grow the Green Party throughout 2021.

Your monthly contribution to the Green Party of the United States will support social justice, will defend the environment, stand up for non-violence and peace, and strengthen democracy in the United States.

Corporations are not people. The Green Party of the United States and its candidates only accept individual contributions from real people. People like you. Please donate today.

Sustainers are allies and organizers just like you who make a monthly financial commitment to the party.

The average Monthly Sustainer contribution to the Green Party is $12.67. If we get 100 new sustainers giving at that level we will be in amazing shape for next year!                  

Thank you!

*Your privacy matters. We will never sell or give your contact information to any outside organization other than your state Green Party.

Paid for by the Green Party of the United States, PO Box 75075, Washington, DC 20013.

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