No Shortcuts by the Green Party of New York

Fellow Greens,

Today we organize to fight and resist while we express solidarity with those communities who have been targeted by Trump during this election. All of the things we need--real living wage jobs-for-all through a Green New Deal, single-player universal health care, affordable housing, student debt relief and universal college education, a true end to police violence, termination of the war on drugs, dismantling the national surveillance state, ending US imperial foreign policy, and dealing with catastrophic climate change--require a radical, working class movement to win.

The Democratic establishment is bankrupt. Donald Trump, a liar and a buffoon, won because elected Democrats in Washington and local government have shared in gutting the economies of towns across America and enriching Wall St. There are no more excuses to be had for voting for neoliberalism simply because it has a kind face.

It is angering that reforms proposed by the Green Party since the stolen election in 2000, that could have prevented a Trump presidency, have been fiercely opposed by Democrats: abolition of the electoral college and instituting popular vote presidential elections, instant-runoff voting, full public financing of elections, inclusion of all candidates in debates, equal and free media time, and proportional representation.

The Green Party is going to lead the fight against Donald Trump, against the ruling class, for and with working America. This is not a day of mourning but a day to organize and fight. Join us.

Gloria Mattera and Peter LaVenia
GPNY Co-Chairs