After the election, a time for Green Party building in Louisiana

Thank you, Louisiana Greens for your votes and dedication. We are growing, and couldn't be where we are today but for your wisdom and perseverance.

If you are new to the party, welcome! We are so excited to have you with us. We all stand for ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy together. These are the Four Pillars of the Green Party.

Once again, we're seeing a disastrous course being charted for our country and our world. With the ascendancy of Donald Trump, we know many of our friends are angry and scared. They need all the compassion, love and hope we can muster in this dark hour.

Now is not the time to rest. We are using this election's momentum to build the party. We are grateful you are with us — and we need your help.

14,000 of us here in Louisiana voted for Jill Stein for President! That's more than twice the votes she got here in 2012. Running for Congress in the 1st district, Eliot Barron got 6,712 (>2%) votes. As of this morning there are 2,335 registered Greens in Louisiana (almost a 30% increase since July).

There are enough of us to hold meetings near each major city. New Orleans has a monthly meeting. (details on our site) What about where you live? Can you take the initiative?

To host a meeting in your area here are the steps:


  • Find a venue, set a date and time. Living rooms, coffee shops, and sometimes libraries or churches may be appropriate. Even public parks can work. Don't expect a big turnout — you are just getting started.

  • Announce via social media. (We can help.)

  • Set an agenda. (We can help with this too.)

  • See who shows up! And then prepare to do it again. Regularity and consistency are a virtue when it comes to this sort of organizing.

Local meetings are important because political change begins at the local level. National politics is so monolithic that our voices never seem to be heard. We can have much more effect when we are active in our own community.

Though we don't have deep monetary resources, we are prepared to do whatever we can to help empower you to spark a local meeting of the Green Party of Louisiana now.

Green Party of Louisiana

PS: Here are a couple links to helpful information on local Green organizing.