Wake Up Texas & #VoteGreen2016!

Oftentimes, when we are outraged, we will exclaim "I wish people would just WAKE UP!" 

But what do we really mean by that? Wake up and do what? 

Do we really think just changing our mental state will be sufficient to bring about the world we want? Certainly, changing our worldview is necessary, but how will we translate that into our collective reality?

#VoteGreen2016 of course!

TODAY is the day for people to reclaim their power from the corporate parties and corrupt interests that leave no room for the concerns of average people. Today YOU have the power to make the oligarchy feel your displeasure! 

By supporting Jill & Ajamu and our #DownTicketGreens, you help create a viable political platform to put people, peace, and planet over profit. On so many issues, Greens have been ahead of the curve, shaking America by the shoulders & shouting "WAKE UP!" Now our sleeping giant is stirring; the corruption & collusion are revealed, and the establishment shills are quaking in their boots.

We #VoteGreen today to:

  • END THE WARS that are destroying us - both overseas & at home,
  • Demand a GREEN NEW DEAL - an emergency initiative for climate transition & jobs,
  • Abolish student debt,
  • Establish universal single-payer healthcare,
  • And so much more...

We will capture this momentum & mobilize it for maximum impact in 2018 & 2020. With your continuing support, GPTX is prepared to fight with every breath for a world that works for all of us. Please join us in that fight & #VoteGreen2016!

In Solidarity,
Laura Palmer
co-chair GPTX SEC

Green Party of Texas