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The Green Party runs hundreds of candidates across the country during each election cycle. These candidates are directly challenging the political power structure and bringing important issues to the table that are too often ignored by the candidates of the major parties. They also get our name out in their communities, provide a focus for local Green groups, and attract new people to join the Party.

While most elected Greens are working at the municipal and county level and don’t get a lot of publicity, the changes they are making are very real. With the help of people around the country who are ready for real change, as well as with electoral reform that creates a more level playing field for multiple parties,  we’ll be electing more people to higher offices in the future.

Below is a sampling of the candidates we're running across the county.

See a list of all our 2016 current candidates here.



Robin Laverne Wilson
US Senate, New York

I was born in Detroit, Michigan and was raised in San Antonio, Texas. My father was retired US Army Sergeant First Class combat medic who served in Korea and Vietnam. My mother was a homemaker and then worked as a domestic as my father's health declined from his exposure to war and agent orange. I migrated to the NYC Metro area in 2003 and graduated magna cum laude from Rutgers University. I have been proudly anchored in Brooklyn for the last three years. I am currently pursuing an MA in Applied Theatre from CUNY School of Professional Studies, and have committed my life to using art and culture for profound social-political change.

I am running for our lives because the urgency of every single issue is a matter of life and death. We are threatened by the economy on one hand and the ecology on the other. It's time to reset our collective priorities to Planet, People, and Peace in THAT specific order to ensure a true prosperity for all that's as universal as the gift of sunshine.

The Green Party is part of an international movement of global citizens who honor Earth over Empire. I am running for Senator to challenge the establishment's pattern of lethal legislation made by corporate interests and military leadership. While everyone is distracted by the current dog-and-pony show of our Presidential Election, Senator Chuck Schumer and his dismal voting record towards the planet and its people continues to fly unchallenged under the radar.

I am here to champion the incredible work already done by grassroots organizations and brave individuals making stands against the exploitative ruling class and the stagnant status quo. I pledge to bring the demands of working people and all life in earth into this election. I intend to amplify the policies proposed by the people directly affected by oppression and the insensitivity of the elite.

There's a LOT of work to do and I can't do it alone! WE [yes, that means YOU TOO!] are running for Senator against Chuck Schumer -- and together WE can fight for New York's 99% against racism, sexism and exploitation!

Margaret-Flowers-2016.jpgMargaret Flowers 
US Senate, Maryland

Margaret Flowers is a Maryland pediatrician and mother of three. After graduating from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1990 and completing her pediatric residence at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Margaret worked first in hospitals in Carroll County and and then in private practice. In 2007 she stopped practicing medicine to start advocating full-time for a state and federal single payer health care system.

In 2011 Margaret joined Kevin Zeese as co-director of ItsOurEconomy.us in order to educate, organize and mobilize around social and economic justice and democratization of the economy to reduce the wealth divide. In October of 2011 she helped lead the Occupation of Washington DC on Freedom Plaza. She is now the co-editor of PopularResistance.org, which carries on the Occupation by reporting on and helping organize events across the county.

Margaret has been a lead organizer of a campaign to stop the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) for the past 5 years. The TPP would outsource jobs, lower wages, threaten the health and safety of communities and undermine protection of the environment. It has been called "NAFTA on steroids". She co-founded Clean Up The Mines!, a campaign to clean up the more than 15,000 abandoned uranium mines throughout the US that continue to pollute. She was instrumental in the fight to protect net neutrality. She co-founded We Are Cove Point to stop the construction of a gas refinery, power plant and export terminal in Southern Maryland, and she is active with Beyond Extreme Energy, a campaign focused on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. She organized the Baltimore Economic Democracy Conference in 2014, which focused on uniting and augmenting efforts to build wealth in communities that have been ignored. And she has been active in supporting movements for racial justice and peace.

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Arn-Menconi-2016.jpgArn Menconi 
US Senate, Colorado

"There is no such thing as an at-risk kid. The only person who is at-risk is an adult that doesn't give back to others."

As a dad of two young children, M.B.A. graduate, former Colorado County Commissioner, and Executive Director of a national youth development charity for disadvantaged kids, Arn Menconi is running to take democracy back and wants to represent the people, not corporations and the top 1%.

Arn served as Eagle County Commissioner from 2000-2008 and was one of three commissioners who oversaw a $100M annual budget. He has served on numerous community and statewide non-profit boards and has worked on community development initiatives which include long-term economic planning, affordable housing and early childhood development. He is known as a progressive leader in sustainability and social justice.

Eagle County is comprised of 85% public lands. The Board oversees the second busiest airport in the state. Bringing solutions to Early Childhood Development, Affordable Housing, Sustainable Growth Management and New Budgetary policies through innovative collaborations.

He received an MBA from the University of Denver. He is a fully certified snowboard instructor, mountain bike racer and loves hip hop dancing. His most important role is father to his two children, Maya & Matteo.

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Joe-DeMare-2016.jpgJoe Demare 
US Senate, Ohio

Joe  DeMare is someone who understands that it's time for things to change. For too long, the wealthiest people and corporations have been in control of this country, and they have been putting into place laws and policies that benefit them, while hurting the majority of Americans. It's time that changed.

Joe is not a member of the 1%. As a machine operator in an industrial ceramics factory, he has to work hard, but still has to budget every dollar to get through each month.

As the father of two young men in their 20's, he's someone who sees the challenges young people face today, trying to find good jobs that pay well. As a husband of thirty years, he understands the economic and social forces that are tearing families apart.

As an environmentalist, he is someone who's horrified at the ecological damage being done by the Nation's continued dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power. Fracking, off-shore drilling, leaking and cracked nuclear plants, pipelines, injection wells, and oil spills all need to be shut down, permanently.

As a Green, he understands that the best way to create a sustainable future is by getting involved in the political process, but not falling for the corporate and money traps that have so distorted our government. That's why he will not accept any campaign contributions from corporations or corporate PAC's.

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Gary-Stuard-2016.jpgGary Stuard
Congressional District 32, Texas

Gary Stuard is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in the 32nd Congressional District. A native Texan, he is a social worker by profession, a proud union member, and a outspoken champion for social justice and a healthy environment. After last year's Supreme Court decision supporting marriage equality, he married his partner of ten years with the love and support of their friends. He is not a career politician: he is running for office to be the voice of everyday Texans.

Gary was active in the Free Clarence Brandley Coalition, an African American-led coalition that freed an innocent Black man from Texas' death row. He joined the War Resisters' League to organize against Ronald Reagan's Central American policies. Gary was a student of Thich Nhat Nahn, a Buddhist monk who was nominated by the Nobel Peace Prize by Martin Luther King in 1967. Gary himself is a recipient of the Peace Award from the Houston Peace Center, and he co-founded the Coalition for a Better Houston. He was also one of the Dallas Six who challenged Dallas' unconstitutional ordinance banning protest signs near highways and prevailed against the city in 2015, affirming residents' right to free speech. He supports those who fight against police brutality and for equal access to quality public education. Gary has been an outspoken critic of so-called "free trade" deals like NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In the late 1980's and early 90's, Gary first became involved with ecological politics. In 2004, Gary co-founded the Interfaith Environmental Alliance and was its executive director till 2010. From 2009 to 2013, he was a member of the board of Downwinders at Risk, a 20 year old clean air advocacy organization in the North Texas region; he was the board's chair from 2012 to 2013. He was an organizer of the Dallas Residents at Risk coalition that won its battle to prevent fracking in Dallas city limits.

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 Vanessa-Tijerina.jpgVanessa Tijerina
Congressional District 15, Texas

Vanessa Tijerina, a Hispanic-American who is a native of Raymondville, Texas and has worked as a registered nurse since 1999

Vanessa has spent the past decade volunteering for minority, veteran, and women rights activities in Texas with the anticipation to bring awareness to medicinal marijuana, immigration laws, domestic violence, education, human trafficking, and job creation for minorities and military families in Texas.

"I am proud to fight against corruption, even if it's unpopular and even if I'm the only one. I have always been alone. I'm okay with that. As my campaign progresses, I will be honest about my views regarding elected officials in the Rio Grande Valley--all of South Texas. 

"Why am I running for District 15, caring about the ENTIRE Rio Grande Valley? Simply because my efforts in Washington will also benefit ALL those people in the South Texas Region, and because were are all one big community.

"We are supposed to question our government. Government should welcome scrutiny. Scrutiny requires questioning. Yes, folks, with me in office, the days of South Texas Corruption, as we have always known it, will be numbered. I follow through, I will not forsake my people. 

"As elected law makers, we have a duty to PROTECT our constituents, in addition to bringing in more funding for schools, the elderly and veterans. Why are we not doing it all? I will."



Charlotte-Pritt.jpgCharlotte Pritt
West Virginia Governor

Charlotte knows first-hand that determination and character are the foundation for West Virginia's working families. The daughter of a retired coal miner, Charlotte worked her way through Marshall University in Huntington to earn both undergraduate and Master's degrees in English.

She began her career as a high school English teacher in the Kanawha County school system and later joined the administration as Director of Communications. In 1980, the West Virginia College of Graduate Studies hired her as the Director of the West Virginia Writing Project, a program that trained teachers how to teach writing. Through these experiences she became aware of a pressing problem in West Virginia: children were too hungry to learn. Charlotte believed that child poverty was unacceptable in a country and state so richly blessed with resources. That's how her political career began.

In 1984, she was elected to the first of two terms in the House of Delegates and was appointed to the powerful finance committee her freshman year. One term in the state Senate followed from 1988-1992.

Her tenure in the legislature earned her the reputation as a defender of the people. She was named Outstanding Legislator of the Year for her diligence on issues that helped consumers, small businesses, the environment, women and children. In 1988, she was named Legislator of the Year by the West Virginia Perinatal Association for support and cooperation in helping achieve a healthy next generation; the "Si Galperin Award" for her outstanding record on behalf of consumers, the environment and good government.

In 1992, she received the state Susan B. Anthony Award for her work on behalf of women and children; was named Outstanding Legislator by the Council of Senior Citizens for work on behalf of the elderly; was named the Outstanding Woman in Government by the West Virginia Women's Commission; and in 1993, she was given the National Council of Jewish Women Award for her work on behalf of Human Rights. In 1994, she was awarded the Mother Jones Award on behalf of good government and election reform; and the Charleston Area Professional and Business Woman's Club, Woman of the Year Award.

She led the fight for the Community Reinvestment Act, voted against both the food and gas taxes and worked with Governors Moore and Caperton to help pass business development packages. Charlotte also led the fight to prevent the out of state corporations from dumping toxic waste in West Virginia.

Charlotte's loyalty to the people of West Virginia inspired citizens from various parts of the state to draft her to run in the Democratic primary in 1992. Following an intense ten week campaign that drew national attention, Charlotte came within a few percentage points of defeating the incumbent governor.

In 1996, Charlotte won the Democratic primary defeating US Senator Joe Manchin and making West Virginia history by becoming the first female in the state to be elected to represent one of the major parties.

Since running for governor, Charlotte has held executive positions in areas that are of the utmost importance to the lives of West Virginians: Education, Health and Wellness, Stress Management Financial Security, and Strategic Planning for local communities and companies.

Now in 2016, citizens have once again drafted Charlotte Pritt to run for Governor of West Virginia. Because Charlotte has a proven people-centered voting record for the 8 years she served in the West Virginia Legislature, she is an experienced and known ally of All West Virginians not an elite few.

As a hands on leader who believes in community input and bottom up problem solving, Charlotte knows that it takes all of us to move the state forward. When we needed Charlotte, she was on our side. Now she needs us. She asks us to stand with her as she works to solve the challenges confronting West Virginia.

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Rodolfo-Rivera-Munoz.jpgRodolfo Rivera Muñoz
Texas Supreme Justice

Lets Bring Indigenous Wisdom in Texas Courts

Everybody; from the Autochthonous, denominated “Indians” by the Invaders originally from Europe, to the Americans themselves, have been deceived and lied to. I have personal knowledge of this because I am an “Indian with rights preexisting Americans.” I know I was lied to because even now, although I have sought clarification of my status and the history which could explain what happened from every branch of government operating in putative “Texas,” no explanation has been forthcoming and I now know none is available. I was abandoned by my wife and my children are all self-reliant adults, and, while I can sustain myself so as to continue fighting this cause of my People, I seek to participate in governance in this fraudulent “State of Texas” as the “Indian” that I am because no “Indian with rights preexisting Americans,” like me, has ever done so. My job in this campaign, as I see it, is to do my best to disclose the truth about what the Americans continue to this very day to do to my “Indian” People. My articulations will be bared here openly and I will pursue a means of articulating all matters pertaining to my efforts and the results as candidly as possible. As I have stated my intent to be, I can survive the necessary embarrassments and affronts accruing even should I somehow fall flat on my face. What I cannot tolerate or accept is that knowing what I know about the Legal-Historical-Development of my reality, my People should be finally exterminated by the Americans as I am convinced will come about absent these efforts!

Would you like to contribute to making history in Texas? Donate to Rodolfo’s campaign to bring him one step closer to his goal. (If the process for donating is not complete as here found, please come back as I am now primarily responsible for developing all of the campaign efforts as well as the articulations of the illegal and immoral process of genocide of the “Indian-People” autochthonous to the Western Hemisphere begun upon initial contact by Columbus in 1492 and still now being pursued by the existing governance in “America.”)

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Kealoha-Pisciotta.jpgKealoha Pisciotta
Hawai'i State House District 3 Candidate

Kealoha Pisciotta has spent a lifetime organizing concerned fellow citizens of Hawai‘i to find a balance between the concerns of our fragile island environment and the real-world needs of our growing population. A Hawai‘i Island resident for more than three decades with native familial roots across the island chain, she has worked tirelessly to protect Hawai‘i’s precious natural resources since the age of nine, when she was first hired by the Waikiki Aquarium. While caring daily for Friday, the aquarium’s resident native monk seal, a young Kealoha watched that former playground of the ali‘i become cluttered with sky-scraping hotel towers and overrun with a parade of outside visitors reaching into the annual millions. And when she learned that it all happened with the blessings of our elected officials and often in violation of land-use laws stretching back to the days of the Hawaiian monarchy, she found her kuleana.

Not long after her family escaped urbanized Honolulu for Hilo, Kealoha began to see that without the collective involvement of a like-minded group of concerned citizens, Hawai‘i Island was headed for the same fate as O’ahu. Whether it was in and around Volcano Village, or along the once-untainted Punalu‘u beach, or on Panaewa Hawaiian Homelands being paved with shopping malls, she could see the rural landscape changing before her eyes. Even the barren and remote summit of Mauna Kea, where Kealoha was employed as a Telescope Systems Specialist for the Joint Astronomy Center’s James Clerk Maxwell telescope, soon proved its vulnerability to the developer’s shovel. For nearly a decade she worked to reconcile the star-gazing industry’s positive necessary economic and educational impacts with the costs it was beginning to exact on her deeply held traditional cultural beliefs and practices—aconflict that also showed up in high relief whenever she drove to work through the Pohakuloa Training Area, which also provided valuable civilian jobs on an island where employment did not come easily. But when she saw the great white arena-sized dome of the W.M. Keck Observatory begin to rise on a summit pu‘u that should have been protected under Hawai‘i’s own law, she knew that the time to organize had come.

Though it lacked the shock value of laying down in front of a bulldozer, studying up on land-use laws and statues often appeared to be the only way to get the state to adhere to its own carefully written environmental protections, including the most basic one: that conservation district land be protected as a condition of statehood. As one testimony or hearing or neighborhood board meeting or contested case hearing led to another, she ingested every legal statue and precedent related to ensuring that Hawai‘i Island’s most precious natural resources would remain untouched for generations to come. She then put such vital knowledge to work as one of the more inspirational and effective community group leaders and organizers this island has ever seen, finding a voice among such varied stakeholders as the Royal Order of Kamehameha I, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, NASA, the Hawaiian Cultural and Environmental Alliance (KAHEA), and the Hawai‘i Island Burial Council, upon which she sat for several years as a lineal/cultural descendent member. Later, Kealoha founded Kai Palaoa, a community group devoted to protecting the ocean whose cultural advisory expertise has been tapped by such institutions as the University of Hawai‘i and NOAA.

Kealoha is perhaps best known as one of the five petitioners who brought the contested case hearing to the state Deparment of Land and Natural Resources that famously unnamed-1wound up teaching that state agency how vital its own mission is, and how its own rules and processes work to ensure the protection of the kind of precious natural resources that have been for too long up for sale to the highest bidder. In this instance, the natural resource was the summit of Mauna Kea, and the bidders were the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the University of California, and the TMT corporation. The “sellers” were the University of Hawai‘i and the DLNR, who from the beginning appeared more than willing to follow the formula Kealoha had watched unfold as a little girl growing up in Waikiki: permit a mainland conglomerate to destroy an unfixable fragile natural resource.

While the issue only became exciting enough for widespread media coverage last year, Kealoha had been leading the Mauna Kea protection movement for over a decade. As president of the Mauna Kea Anaina Hou, she testified before the state legislature, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the U.S. Congress, and the United Nations regarding the intricacies of Hawai‘i’s complicated land-use laws and statutes. As a concerned cultural practitioner, she was forced to point out how TMT was more than welcome to fund local public schools and “THINK” scholarships for UH students, but that using such efforts to garner support for their construction project appeared designed to deliberately put other Native cultural practitioners in the unsavory position of having to choose between their children’s educations and deeply held personal convictions whose roots reached back generations. As a regular visitor to the summit of Mauna Kea who had seen first- hand the catalogue of environmental damage done by the existing telescopes, including a fire at the Subaru telescope that had killed two workers, she appealed to Gordon Moore himself, asking that his foundation to simply follow existing laws, and in so doing hold itself to a higher standard of aloha than the builders of the Keck telescope, a projected that was later halted by federal judges in 2007 (largely because of the suit brought by Kealoha’s organization). And during the 2014 contested case hearings, she and her fellow petitioners repeatedly reminded the Board how its attention to the integrity of its own processes and procedures would reflect not only on her case, but on any development-related issue to come before them in the future. When the BLNR Hearings Officer ruled against the petitioners anyway, they appealed to the State Supreme Court, who quickly revoked the TMT’s construction permit, quoting Kealoha in their decision admonishing the Board of Land and Natural Resources for failing to follow their own clearly written permitting procedures—procedures in place not just to protect the summit of Mauna Kea from anyone who wants to build on it for whatever reason, but to protect every one of us.

Armed with this lifetime of experience immersed in the halls of power, the tedious details of Hawai‘i’s important environmental laws and statutes, and in the practical back-and-forth dynamic of “getting things done” around the types of conference tables where decisions affecting all of us are made, Kealoha is poised to continue her years of service as a legislator protecting the interests of the residents of District 3. Her perspective is much-needed by a legislature that has overseen the Californiazation of O‘ahu and Maui, that has stood idle while former Kaua‘i sugar land morphed into factory farms that profit mainland and international agribusiness giants with little regard for the wishes of their Island neighbors, and that presided over the embarrassment of the Hawai‘i Superferry episode, revealing itself as disturbingly ignorant of the state’s own environmental laws. And her incredible varied experience has taught Kealoha that when those around her are inspired by her aloha-filled brand of reasonable leadership, and when legislative decisions are grounded in the law of the land, the results can only by positive and long lasting.

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Ashely-Gordon.jpgAshely "Flashe" Gordon
Texas, Travis County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Hello Travis County! My name is Ashely "Flashe" Gordon and I am running for County Commissioner of Precinct 1 with the Green Party of the United States. Travis County is the heart of Texas. We are progressive, innovative, and have the best music in the world! Unfortunately, parts of our community have suffered as a result of our rapid growth and development. As your County Commissioner I will make sure everyone has a voice. We are stronger when we all progress together! Let's set the standard for our state, country, and the world. Travis County- the heartbeat of Texas!

Taking care of my community has always been a priority. Both of my parents served in the community during my childhood, and my sister and I were always with them. We learned that our community is our family and we have a responsibility to that family. I returned to Austin in 2013 after the death of my father in 2008 with a renewed passion to serve in Travis County. One year later, I discovered a tumor. In June 2014 I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. During treatment, I suffered physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. I promised that if I survived, I would use whatever years I had left to fight for equity in my community. When the opportunity presented itself to run for County Commissioner, I knew it was my time to live up to that promise. My hope is that we can create space for grassroots movements to flourish so that no person is forgotten in our efforts to succeed as a global community.

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 Joshua-Harris-2016.jpgJoshua Harris
Mayor, Baltimore, Maryland

Joshua Harris is a leader and visionary who advocates on behalf of the community. He is dedicated to creating attainable solutions for the challenges Baltimore faces. Joshua has passion for, and is commitment to, empowering his community. As a young child, Joshua grew up in poverty and his family struggled to make ends meet. Through access and opportunity his family was able to overcome those struggles. Harris knows there are many hard-working families in Baltimore that are struggling every day and simply need the access and opportunity.

Joshua confronts challenges by working to create positive and sustainable impacts to the issues that our city faces. As co­-founder of the Hollins Creative Placemaking, Joshua leads initiatives that foster urban revitalization by including the use of art and creative processes to foster an environment of belonging. His community involvement extends to community leadership, as Joshua sits on the Charles Village Urban Renewal community board, Paul's Place Community advisory board, Baltimore's Promise Mentoring Task Force, and is the youngest board member for Baltimore's Southwest Partnership.

Joshua, a product of a public school system, understands the need to reinvest and improve our Baltimore City School system. As such, he has been an invited speaker before the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss education disparities in minority communities. In addition to academics, as an athlete he also believes our youth need activities outside of school that teach them life lessons and motivate them to become leaders. Joshua encourages leadership skills, continuing education, and offers mentoring through his sports mentoring program, Project 'A' Game. In collaboration with YouthWorks, Joshua developed a community-led program to employ Baltimore City youth.

Active in the fight for social justice, Joshua is committed to public safety reform. He has also served as a legislative aide for Delegate Charles E. Sydnor and assisted with the passing of police body camera legislation. Joshua believes that it is necessary to rebuild the trust between our neighborhoods and the police department. Outside of Baltimore, Joshua has worked with Black and Brown People Vote, aimed at increasing voter education and turnout in African­ American and Latino communities.

Joshua spends his time committed to the people of Baltimore. He listens to the concerns of his neighbors and creates ways to better our neighborhoods. From turning vacant houses into homes, to providing jobs for all; from providing renewable energy, to public safety and education reform, Joshua has real solutions for problems concerning Baltimoreans and will continue to engage, assess, and address your concerns.

Joshua resides in southwest Baltimore in the Hollins Market community. A man of family and faith, Joshua and his fiancée attend Carter Memorial Church. He continues to live by his motto, "Service to others is the rent we pay for our room here on earth." His continued service is his way to invest in this city and to ensure the future of Baltimore is for all of us.

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SDC14254-e1468868635486-225x300.jpgDon Macleay 
Oakland Unified School District 1

Don Macleay is a progressive candidate that believes strongly in restorative justice and engendering healthy schools that wholly reflect the diverse community of Oakland. With two children of his own, Don has firsthand experience of what works, what doesn’t and what is needed to improve the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD). Don reflects what the OUSD needs and ought to be: a world of experience that lives and cares locally. In his youth, Don worked to organize fellow plastic manufacturing workers at Rehau Plastics into the Canadian National Trade Union. He is a graduate of both Laney College and San Francisco State University. For 19 years, Don was a machinist. Don spent most of those 19 years as both a union member of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) and as shop steward.

In addition to his work as a machinist, Don has also worked as a school teacher in Nicaragua and taught English to students in China. His diverse background and experience as a world citizen allows Don to share a perspective with and understand the needs of many residents in the Oakland community. Currently, Don owns and manages a small computer networking business in Oakland. As a responsible small business owner, Don has contributed to and participated in Oakland community, giving him experience working with many of its citizens. From the beginning of his company in 2000, he has made it a priority to provide internships to local kids and give hired workers who have been on parole a second chance.

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