My journey from pastor to politics

For those of you who have followed my decision to run for governor and wondered about my journey from pastor to politics, I invite you to check out the video below produced by Corin Lea Pankow. Some are concerned that a person who has held a leadership position in any religious community is somehow dangerous for politics. I appreciate the concern but I hope I can persuade said people to see that an ideology of liberation, justice & communalism is what grows out of my faith tradition. These things are key to a political revolution--and a revolution is what is needed in New Jersey and in this country. Continue reading

Our Revolution SEPA Endorses Green for statewide office!

Exciting news!!! On April 23, Our Revolution's SE PA Chapter endorsed Jules Mermelstein, Green Party nominee for the statewide office of Superior Court Judge. Continue reading

Howie Hawkins to Declare Thursday May 4 for Mayor of Syracuse

Howie Hawkins will declare his candidacy for mayor of Syracuse on Thursday, May 4 at the The Event Center at the corner of S. Salina St. and Brighton Ave. Hawkins will outline his strategic vision for the future of Syracuse during a Hawkins administration, his action plan for realizing that vision, and his plan for winning the election. Continue reading

Today is May Day

We join with workers around the world commemorating the martyred Chicago Haymarket workers, killed by police in 1886, while fighting for the 8-hour work-day. Today, we re-commit to mobilize, humbled by the worker-leaders everywhere who have sacrificed themselves to improve people's lives. As Governor of New Jersey I will continue accompanying our righteous struggles to defend and expand working rights for working people, both documented and undocumented. Continue reading

Let Earth Day be Earth Day Again

Part of the cure to the materialism and greed that rules our country and state is nurturing the gifts of nature with which we are blessed. I don’t envy the expensive properties owned and extravagant galas held by Goldman Sachs oligarchs and corrupt political bosses. I pity them for dismissing what our beautiful world has to offer. They ignore the Earth’s needs, and they desecrate its abundance. Continue reading

News from the Seth Kaper-Dale for Governor campaign

Last weekend, this week, next week & beyond First of all, if you are newly added to our campaign listserv ... welcome! Secondly, if you are a Green Party member and have not signed up for the SKD4GOV campaign listserv online or at an event, please do so. Continue reading

Results of Greens running in April 4, 2017 elections

ELECTION REPORT: Greens running in April 4, 2017 elections Report by Mike Feinstein, Green Party of CaliforniaAdvisor to GPUS Coordinated Campaign CommitteeFriday, April 14 Continue reading

Meet The Democratic Socialist Running For City Council In Brooklyn

Six months out from NYC's local 2017 elections, only one declared City Council candidate is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. Jabari Brisport, a 29-year-old actor-activist, tutor, and Prospect Heights native, is running on the Green Party ticket in incumbent Democrat Laurie Cumbo's District 35, which covers parts of Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, and Bedford Stuyvesant. DSA, the largest socialist organization in the country, has gained national momentum with its anti-capitalist platform since Donald Trump won the presidential election and, as organizers put it, "used racism to divide working people." Continue reading

Montana Green wins federal injunction

We're pleased to announce that the federal district issued a ruling granting our injunction today! However, in order to appear on the ballot we must prove our Montana Green Party candidate, Thomas Breck, has a "substantial modicum of support" by collecting 400 signatures, tomorrow! Together we can do this, but WE NEED ALL YOUR HELP!! We will be beginning our petition drive first thing in the morning and we will not be stopping until we have achieved our goal! Donate if you can. Continue reading

Cheri Honkala files lawsuit in federal court for a new election

I wanted to send you an update on the status of the special election in the 197th district. On Thursday, we filed a lawsuit in federal court. The lawsuit asks the court to void the March 21st election because of widespread voter intimidation and election fraud tactics, that those in violation of election code are held accountable, and that a new, fairly-run election be held within 90 days. Continue reading