Racism and Independence Day

By Seth Kaper-Dale, Green Candidate for Governor of New Jersey Today, we're commemorating 241 years since the 13 colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence, precipitating the war to end colonial rule by England. The Declaration's famed preamble asserts that, "... all men are created equal ..." But 241 years of reality don't concur. Most of the white male landowners who signed the Declaration of Independence, and their descendants, owned slaves for many ensuing decades. When slavery ended, what happened to the promised "40-acres and a mule?" Continue reading

Kulma's campaign running hard towards Tuesday

David Kulma, the Green Party candidate in Tuesday's special election for Congress in South Carolina's 5th District, is hosting forums on Saturday and Sunday. That will take place at his Rock Hill campaign office, located at 109 Hampton Street.   Continue reading

NJ Gubernatorial Candidate Kaper-Dale Accompanies Deportee's Son to Capitol Hill Press Event

WASHINGTON, D.C -- New Jersey Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Seth Kaper-Dale accompanied 13-year old Joel Massie, the son of a recently deported Indonesian refugee to an America's Voice Father's Day event in Washington, DC on Tuesday. Kaper-Dale and Massie were invited by America's Voice, along with New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Representatives Pallone and Gutierrez to highlight the effects of deportation of migrants. Kaper-Dale is a pastor who most recently gained national attention when Indonesian community members, who previously took sanctuary in his church for 11-months, were deported by ICE. Continue reading

Pree-Stinson endorsed by the Minneapolis Firefighter's Association, Local 82

  To: Samantha Pree-Stinson From: Minneapolis Firefighter's Association, Local 82 Continue reading

Samantha Pree-Stinson wins key labor endorsement

Samantha Pree-Stinson, the Green Party candidate for Minneapolis City Council, Ward 3, has won a key endorsement from local firefighters. The Minneapolis Firefighter's Association, Local 82, issued a strong letter of endorsement for Free-Stinson. Continue reading

Kaper-Dale Calls Out Murphy, Guadagno, Prepares to Square Off

HIGHLAND PARK, NJ-- As Phil Murphy and Kim Guadagno became the nominees for their respective parties for the general election in November, gubernatorial candidate Seth Kaper-Dale wasted no time in bringing their flaws to light. While hosting an online town hall, Kaper-Dale was asked, "What makes your platform better than Phil Murphy's?" His response, "Everything makes my platform better than Phil Murphy's. And I mean that." He continued, "The fact that a Goldman Sachs billionaire...is the so-called 'progressive candidate' is offensive...we have people who can hardly make it in this state...he does not believe in single payer medicare for all…because he is a friend to the health insurance industry…" Continue reading

Upcoming appearances by David Kulma

David Kulma, the Green Party Congressional candidate in South Carolina's CD 5 has a number of public appearances before votes are cast on June 20. As he states on his web site, "So after this dreadful election in the fall, I decided it was finally time for me to get involved beyond my work. I wanted to make sure the values I hold dear that I apply every day when I teach are represented in Washington. And no one else stood up to protect them, so I'm running as a Green candidate for the 2017 special election in South Carolina's 5th Congressional district". Continue reading

Send us your photos!

New Brunswick, NJ – While Seth Kaper-Dale was busy in the past weeks organizing and speaking out against the I.C.E. offensive against our immigrant communities the campaign continued moving forward. Seth and campaign volunteers engaged thousands of people at the Asian American Heritage Festival at Raritan Center; and at street fairs in Maplewood, Metuchen, Toms River, Woodbridge and more; and Seth participated in two forums with other candidates addressing leader activists on their issues. Seth was also interviewed about his candidacy on the Karen Hunter Show on SiriusXM radio, letting listeners know about policy priorities including NJ Medicare for All, adding tax brackets for the grotesquely rich and forming a NJ public bank to fund development in the Garden State. Continue reading

Kaper-Dale Policy Ranked Best in Environmental Survey

According to Food and Water Action Fund's (FWAF) recently released assessment, it demonstrates that New Jersey Green Party gubernatorial candidate Seth Kaper-Dale has the most environmentally friendly platform out of those candidates who chose to answer the survey. According to FWAF, only one of the candidates from the two dominant parties scored as well as Kaper-Dale. "Despite several requests, presumed Democratic frontrunner Phil Murphy did not complete the survey, leaving open questions about his positions on several key issues. The survey was not returned by any of the Republican candidates, including leading contenders Kim Guadagno and Jack Ciattarelli.", their website stated. Continue reading

Special election in Massachusetts

We are going to have a Green Party candidate for senate in Massachusetts to support!!! Ian Jackson, Treasurer of the Green-Rainbow Party, is going to run for State Senate in the district encompassing Woburn, Arlington, Billerica, Burlington, and part of Lexington. AND HE NEEDS HELP GETTING NEEDED SIGNATURES! Continue reading