ENDORSEMENT: Lapham would bring analytical, skeptical approach to Common Council

Ben Lapham finds the meetings of the Glens Falls Common Council "perfunctory" and suggests the unity ticket being promoted by three Republicans and three Democrats now on the board is not a good thing. He has a point. We'd much prefer some skepticism and dissension on the Common Council than a uniformity of views that lacks the energy and creativity of constructive dialogue and occasional disagreements. Continue reading

Support 2017 Green-Rainbow Candidates!

Exciting news! We now have THREE Green-Rainbow Party candidates in the upcoming 2017 elections! Learn about the candidates and ways that you can support them: Charlene DiCalogero is running for State Senator of Worcester & Middlesex* in a special election being held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Continue reading

Detroit Election Hearing Set For Friday, October 13th

  Anita Belle, a challenger in the August 8, 2017 Election, researched that 1,175 registered voters used addresses that were vacant lots owned by the Detroit Land Bank. Belle presents evidence from the voter histories of that election that no one in the voter histories provided to her voted from the vacant lots, but 1,091 voter histories were missing according to the official election results. Belle further found that 118 people, (49 absentees and 69 precinct walk-ins), registered to vote from a vacant lot were allowed to cast ballots using other addresses, all in City Council District 1. Belle alleges that the Defendants committed election fraud by unlawfully permitting these voters to vote in precincts other than where they were registered to vote. Continue reading

Help Elston McCowan be the 1st Green Candidate to defeat a Democrat in Missouri

Elston McCowan received 37% of the vote against his Ward 2 Democratic Party opponent in 2015. The incumbent was a Democrat who had name recognition in an overwhelmingly Democrat ward of St. Louis City. This year the incumbent left to take a position in the new mayor's government and Elston is better known than the candidate nominated by the Democrats. Many in Ward 2 are fed up with the Democrats failing to stand up for their community and have shown with their votes that they are willing to break with the Democratic Party. Dozens have already signed up to work for Elston. If he wins the November 7 election, he will not only be the first Green to defeat a Democrat in a partisan Missouri race, but (likely) the first black Green to defeat a Democrat anywhere. Continue reading

Our Revolution voted to endorse the Green Party ticket of Seth Kaper-Dale and Lisa Durden for Governor of New Jersey.

On October 4, 2017, the Union County Chapter of Our Revolution voted to endorse the Green Party ticket of Seth Kaper-Dale and Lisa Durden for Governor of New Jersey. This is the second Our Revolution group in the Garden State to endorse candidates in the upcoming election, both of which endorsed Kaper-Dale/Durden. "I'm happy to have the endorsement of people that worked tirelessly on the Bernie Sanders campaign who have recognized that I am the only gubernatorial candidate who shares their priorities such as medicare for all, affordable housing and making the super-rich pay their fair share," Kaper-Dale said. Continue reading

Akeem Browder for Mayor – Volunteer Orientations

SAVE THE DATE: Akeem Browder for Mayor - Volunteer Orientations (10/7/17 & 10/8/17) Thanks for your interest in Akeem Browder's campaign for mayor. Although incumbent Mayor de Blasio claims to be a progressive Democrat, his actions and policies have let us down. They don't empower New York City's working class and those facing poverty. Akeem is the candidate that speaks to the masses of New Yorkers and their experiences in this diverse and global city. Together we can transform the political landscape of New York City! Continue reading

Real Solutions Can't Wait

The November 7 election is just around the corner – and with your help, we can chart a new course. Greens are poised to take to control of a once-great city – Syracuse, New York – and turn it into a Rust Belt recovery story whose example could instigate Green electoral insurgencies across New York State and the nation. Continue reading

Kurland Calls For Reasonable Gun Control Now

Action, not thoughts and prayers, are needed to solve this problem. Yesterday's tragedy in Las Vegas is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Yet again we are forced to bear witness to our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens falling to a domestic terrorist attack. Every time this happens hopes and prayers are shared by politicians who witness these tragedies. These politicians have the power to make change, and change never happens. They wait, there is yet another mass shooting, and the cycle tragically continues. Continue reading

Cassandra Lems speaks on New York Health Act and Taxation Reform

At the League of Women Voters debate* held on Sunday at Hofstra University, Cassandra Lems, Green Party Candidate for Nassau County Executive, announced her support of the New York Health Act. This single payer health insurance bill, if enacted, would bring affordable and expanded health coverage to all New Yorkers, including 1.2 million currently uninsured New Yorkers. The plan would be funded through progressive payroll and self-employment taxes, coupled with a progressive assessment on income from capital gains, dividends and interest. Continue reading

Our Revolution endorses Jabari Brisport

I'm beyond excited to share news with you of our latest major endorsement: Our Revolution. On Wednesday night as I introduced Nina Turner at the Riverside Church at an event sponsored by Politics Reborn, she surprised me by announcing (at the 1:12:00 mark) that the national group born out of Bernie Sanders' historic campaign was officially endorsing our campaign in Brooklyn. This endorsement means a lot to me not only because I spent countless hours pounding the pavement and knocking doors in 2016 as a part of the movement myself but also because of their national audience that has continued to grow since the presidential primaries. Continue reading