Abby Thacker

Abby Thacker is an activist, artist, and delivery driver living in Savannah, GA.

She currently serves as National Committee Delegate for the Young Ecosocialists, and has served the Green Party at nearly all levels, from her introduction to politics with the Jill Stein 2016 campaign, to founding and Co-Chairing her local Party from 2017-2019.

Additionally, she ran on a Green Platform for Savannah City Council (nonpartisan election) in 2019, and has served as Delegate to the 2017 Georgia GP convention, Alternate Delegate for the Georgia GP (2017-2019), and Co-Chair of the Young Ecosocialists (2018-2019).

My platform can be summarized as follows:

  • Restore the integrity of our Party. For too long the Party has allowed behavior that violates our Ten Key Values. This will end.

  • Ensure that our Party is fully functional, from the Steering Committee to the Standing Committees of the Party. Without functionality, we can't make change.

  • Continue and affirm our Party's commitment to being on the front lines of the struggle for a better world, and fight for the liberation of all oppressed peoples.

  • Build coalitions with other parties and organizations that align with our values. United we build power.

  • I look forward to making this Party better as Co-Chair, thank you for your vote.