Petition: We Stand for Election Integrity!

While Democrats and Republicans hurl accusations in the wake of a presidential race marred by Republican schemes to suppress legitimate votes, a rigged Democratic nomination, and corruption by millions of dollars in corporate donations to both parties' nominees, the Green Party is demanding an investigation in free, open, and fair elections.


The Senate Intelligence Committee has recently requested documents from 2012 & 2016 Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. We support sincere inquiries into illegal activities and all undemocratic influences in our elections.

However, we are currently are experiencing a climate of emerging censorship in social media and the press, and it is important for our elected officials to not participate in forms of McCarthyism.

We call for the Senate Intelligence Committee to investigate illegal and undemocratic structures of American elections, and which permeate throughout the American electoral system, such as

--Mainstream media's disregard for the FCC's Fairness Doctrine of equal media time for candidates.
--The private corporation known as the Commission on Presidential Debates which bars alternative candidate participation.
--Corporate/lobbyist money spent during the election & the corresponding voting records of elected officials since Election Day.
--Legitimate voter fraud, such as experienced during Philadelphia's March 2017 special election for State Representative.
--The vulnerability of our voting machines to legitimate hacking
--Crosscheck voter ID and other barriers to participation such as access for persons with disabilities.
--Discouraging voter participation by not deploying democratic voting techniques such as Ranked Choice Voting or Proportional Representation.
--Limitation of access to the ballot through arcane ballot access laws.
--As well as instances of illegal interference by the United States in foreign elections and domestic politics around the globe.

The corporate, two-party system in Washington needs to stop the sensationalist attacks against dissenting views and ensure they focus on all real and concrete threats to our democracy.  

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    Sign the Petition for Election Integrity! Investigate *all* undemocratic or illegal aspects of our elections.
  • Scott Nass
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    Sign the Petition for Election Integrity! Investigate *all* undemocratic or illegal aspects of our elections.
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