Tamar Yager

When many people talk about the Steering Committee of an organization, they often think of a group of leaders that determine overall policy and strategy, set goals, initiate projects, and govern the organization. But here is the definition of our Steering Committee’s charge:

The GPUS Steering Committee (SC), along with the party’s staff, oversees and helps execute the day-to-day administration and operations of the party.

Thus, the Steering Committee Co-Chairs for the Green Party are responsible for administrative tasks including monitoring finances, overseeing office and staffing, participating in bi-weekly Steering Committee calls and assisting in other operational undertakings. Each Co-Chair is a liaison responsible for communicating regularly with several committees. This often means providing assistance in re-invigorating committees and assisting in their work. Unlike many organizations, in our party, the Steering Committee doesn’t necessarily “steer”. The National Committee approves policy and other major decisions and the committees implement with the SC overseeing.

Because I have served in many leadership positions in the Green Party in my local and state and on several national committees, I am well-suited to fulfill the duties of an SC Co-Chair. Having been on staff as Fundraising Manager and later serving as staff supervisor, I have extensive knowledge of most of the inner workings of the party operations, financial systems, NationBuilder database, merchandise issues, and more. Currently, I am most involved on the Fundraising and Annual Meeting Committees but I have served on others in past years. Even though I was not on the SC this past year, I was present on every call as an observer.

Some people have been critical of SC candidates because they seem so busy, often with committee work. Many people say that if you want to get something done, ask a busy person. Well, I am always busy – some would call me a professional volunteer. I am lucky to be able to devote a significant amount of time to the Green Party. In past terms on the SC, I regularly put in 20-25 or more hours each week including committee work.

My professional work background is in development, meeting planning and non-profit marketing/administration. I’ve had some great jobs over the past 30 years – I was a community organizer for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers. I worked for many years at Actors Theatre in the marketing department. I was a federal grants writer for the Louisville Metro Government and most recently I was the Community Manager for my housing cooperative until it was bought out by a developer. While I don’t have a paid job right now, I am doing some “staff” work for GPUS as a volunteer.

My work, volunteer and political experience is broad. I was chosen by our town council to serve on the Board of Zoning Appeals, which is a constitutional office. I also serve on the board of our local United Way. I have served in roles on various candidate and issue campaigns since I joined the party in 2006. I feel I can bring a balanced view to the Steering Committee and as a liaison to other committees at GPUS. Some have said I am a voice of reason because I listen to all sides and try to reach compromise. I try to find common ground on issues while still maintaining the letter and spirit of our rules.

Vision, hopes, dreams, priorities for the Party:

  • Work with others to develop a long-term plan to become an anti-racist organization.

  • Encourage every Green be a donor at some level (My husband and I am currently sustainers.)

  • Make ballot access a priority so that we can be on the ballot everywhere in 2024.

  • Strengthen affiliated parties in all states and revive dormant state parties.
  • Elect more Greens to office at all levels by building state parties.

  • Help empower Committees so they can do their work without micromanaging.

I think these priorities are achievable with standing committees, the National Committee and the Steering Committee working together

It has been an honor to serve on the Steering Committee in previous years and I look forward to doing that for another term. I hope I can count on your #1 vote.

Tamar Yager
[email protected]