What COVID means on Indigenous Peoples' Day

It is important to look out for one another. I learned this both as part of my mixed heritage, and from the Stone-Age people I grew up with. Especially in times of stress, it is important for those who have food to share with those who have not.

This time of COVID-19 has been especially stressful for Native Americans, who have already endured much. I recently lost my Dine (Navajo) friend, brother, and advisor, Edmund Ciccarello. He was a leader in the Native American Church. He is a buddy I deeply miss. Ed and I shared long talks about how to help the tribes get along better, to find that sacred space of commonality, and to work towards uniting the rest of humanity.

The corporate parties' exploitation of the COVID-19 crisis has caused tremendous suffering for oppressed peoples while enriching the billionaires. Please give to the Green Party today so we can run candidates, win and fight back!

Our "small but mighty" Green Party must become a leader in protecting Native People — world-wide — who are suffering at the hands of those who live irresponsibly. The "Western way of life" is a death-culture, dependent upon taking from others. It is time to give back.

Through responsible, urgently-needed plans like the full-strength Green New Deal and Single-Payer Healthcare, The Green Party promises to look out for others. Being independent from corporate greed, we can do this. But only with your help, so please donate to fund our programs of candidate recruitment, training and grassroots resistance.

Help us move toward a secure, peaceful, just future, for ourselves, each other, and All-Our-Relations. Thank you.

Dr. Kent Mesplay
Dr. Kent "Honor the Treaties" Mesplay is a long-time advocate for Indigenous people.


P.S.A. from the Green Party's Fundraising Committee: We are currently gearing up for our Fall Drive for Monthly Sustainers, those heroes who keep this movement moving. If you have ever thought about becoming a Monthly Sustainer — it's never too early...or too late!

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