2016 Election Night Watch Parties

After all the hard work we put into campaigning for Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, let's have a party to celebrate our success! The Green Party of Seattle and the Green Party of Washington have grown considerably in the last months. With a bit of luck, the results of November 8th will give us major party status, and a good start into upcoming local elections.

Join us for an Election Night party in Tampa

The election isn't over until well after the polls close, so come celebrate—or commiserate—with fellow Green voters as returns come in. We're hosting an election night viewing party.

Bring something to share for our Potluck at 8pm, November 8.

Join us at 8052 56th Street Business Park next to 7/11 Gas station in Temple Terrace.

Marijuana policy groups have invited us to join them to watch results come in. It's catered, and free, but with a cash bar. 

Alongside all the local, state and key federal races, the policy folks will be tracking the ballot election results for cannabis legalization ballots in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine and for medical marijuana in Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas and Florida. They will have silent auction items to help raise funds for the upcoming 2017 Legislative Session. 


We ask that hosts post their event both places, but just in case please check for events near you both on the Grassroots Events Calendar and the wall of the Facebook event page.

If not there isn't a watch party already planned near you...


It can be at your house, or it can be at a local community center, cafe, restaurant, or bar. All you need is a screen that is connected to the internet to be able to view the livestream at jill2016.com or on facebook.com/drjillstein.

Hosts, ensure that your watch party events end up on the Grassroots Events Calendar. Also, please post the link to your event on the wall of the Facebook event, too. Supporters are going both places to look for local watch parties. 

You may also want to reach out to your local or state volunteer coordinator at jill2016.com/states in case they have any tips or know persons in your area to help or attend.

G. Lee Aikin, At Large Council candidate for DC Statehood Green Party has arranged for a watch party at El Tamarindo, located at  1785 Florida Ave. NW, Washington, DC. The party begins around 8:00 pm