2023 Workshop Descriptions

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Thursday, August 3

3:00 pm – 4:15 pm


Social Mixer: Green Party Plans, Hopes, and Dreams

Join Aly Schmidt in an open-ended discussion on your plans, hopes, and dreams with the Green Party. For yourself, your local group, your state party, or the national party. Just for fun!

Grassroots Organizing 101

Building a bottom up, grassroots party begins with organizing on the local level. This workshop will discuss various strategies and resources to help local organizers succeed in growing the Green Party in their community.

Presented by Chris Blankenhorn

The Next Theoretical Framework: The Natural Left Is The True Left

This workshop will describe an original political philosophy, one based on psychology rather then liberal democracy's reliance on legal and political principles or the varieted socialisms' reliance on economic variables. The philosophy is sub-atomic, as well as relativistic, building both affective and cognitive spectra by which the Green Party, and hopefullly others, will be able to gauge how frightfully off center the fundaments of the American political and legal system are. It will include a bit of history, covering how the differentiated Jeffersonian and the Hamiltonian affective variables impacted their political philosophies and actions, and also covering the cognitive differentiation between Kant and Hegel. Please bring your right hemisphere. This is an abstract workshop, seated at the top of the Pyramid of Knowledge and the Ladder of Abstraction as they were taught to me by the eminent and Nobel Prize winning political economist Elinor Ostrom. Thank you.

Presented by Bill Kreml and Joe Martin

4:45 – 6:00 pm

Social Mixer: Geography Switcheroo

A chance to meet Green Party members from different regions than your own, to share experiences and ideas. Just for fun!

Presented by Matt Cleveland

Avengers Assemble!: How to Develop a Coalition

Building a coalition is essential when advancing an issue. Coalitions can also be complex and uncertain when not knowing what is all involved in developing a coalition or how to be a good coalition member. In this workshop, participants will learn what a coalition is, the building blocks of a coalition, and effective ways to be a coalition member.

Presented by AJ Reed

Reclaiming the People's Money System

Money has more to do with power than economics and is used by wealthy corporations to influence, even dictate, our nation’s public policy both foreign and domestic. Because our nation’s monetary system is privatized for maximizing profits for the powerful few at the expense of the many it behooves the Green Party to put this issue at the top of its political agenda and activism.

First, this entertaining workshop will briefly examine the myriad of ways in which the current system negatively impacts society, both physically and psychologically, how money is created and why money is the governing factor.

Second, we will examine the three provisions in the Green Party’s Monetary Reform Plank, how the transition would proceed and explore the some of the enormous possibilities it unlocks. For one example, the revitalization of our nation’s food production system by restoring parity pricing of raw materials, allowing millions of farm families back on the land for viable livelihoods growing fertile soil, nutrient dense food, fiber, medicine, healthy trees and community as thousands of rural economies will remerge in support of this production ameliorating the impacts of climate change.

Third, we will have a discussion of how to make people aware of how this unjust problem-creating system impacts them and how electing Greens can change this system and create a sustainable Economics of Care.

Sponsored by the Banking and Monetary Reform Committee
Presented by Howard Switzer

Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare

We intend to show a 30 minute YouTube video talk by Gary L. Francione entitled "The Philosophy of Animal Rights." Gary's address was recorded as a Plenary Session in 2019 at a convention of the European Federation of Animal Science. There he was introduced as being the first to introduce animal rights into the curriculum at a US university in the field of law, and as being very active in the field and the debate of climate change. Though Gary is a good friend of the well-known and respected author and journalist Chris Hedges, he is not so well known among Greens. He has a unique and likeable style that we believe Greens at the ANM will find likeable, intelligent, and memorable. We intend to follow up with general, discussion, asking/answering questions, and possibly debating issues that arise during the viewing of the video. In other words, the remainder of the session will be intended for moderated audience engagement.

Sponsored by the Animal Rights Committee
Presented by Craig Seeman. Assisted by Marci Henzi

7:00 pm

Welcome to the Annual National Meeting

Dee Taylor and Tamar Yager, Co-Chairs, Annual National Meeting Committee

"Ithaka" Film

Filmed over two years across the UK, Europe and the US, ITHAKA follows 76 year-old retired builder John Shipton's tireless campaign to save his son, Julian Assange.

Additional Information

Julian Assange’s father: My fight to free son whose childhood I missed
Producer Gabriel Shipton On His New Film About His Brother Julian Assange

Produced by Gabriel Shipton, Adrian Devant

111 minutes | SDH Captioned

Friday, August 4

12:00 pm – 1:15 pm

Social Mixer: Chat about local Green organizing

Open-ended discussion on local Green Party candidate recruitment. Just for fun!

End the War in Korea

We will be giving a brief overview of the Korean War and why it is still ongoing today. There is an organization called Korea Peace Now that is active in ending the Korean War both in Korea and abroad education. I would like to invite them to co-host this space with me.

Presented by Austin Bashore

Building Together Better: Our GP Now and the Future

This workshop is designed to be a brainstorming, discussion, and action oriented conversation from all sectors of GP and our communities. It is intended to be a two-part interactive session with delegates, party members, and guests to discuss how we move past the issues that have wedged us to building better cohesion as a party based on our values and pillars vs the areas where we are not in full alignment.

However, discussion of the areas where we differ are not taboo but the intention is to find common ground from which we can build a stronger party, greater outreach, understand the various constituencies of the GP and understand issues that may impact communities differently. First will name some of the wedge issues and see where we can also name common ground on some of these issues. Then the second half of the conversation will include recommended steps from participants to build a GP comprehensive strategic party plan (for outreach, ballot access, candidate vetting and electioneering). 1. What does a comprehensive strategic party plan look like? What are the needed elements and what steps do participants recommend are included in creation and implementation of the plan. Overall this session is an open discussion with the intention of reflective, respectful and innovative thinking on how we build better together to be the GP of today and for the future... NOW

Presented by Darryl! Moch

2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Social Mixer: People and Pets

An open-ended discussion on Green Party pets, with a chance to introduce your dog if they're barking in the background, or your cat if they jump on the keyboard. Just for fun!

Presented by Aly Schmidt

The Peace Pillar Revisited: New Challenges and Opportunities in the Information Age

The workshop will discuss the Peace Pillar in relation to the current GPUS platform and explain the need to update the platform to reflect new challenges and opportunities arising from technology advances. Many of the digital technologies that have been aggressively exploited by armed forces to increase the power of their weaponry have the potential to serve the cause of peace. Our presentation will describe how the expanding capabilities and diminishing costs of digital sensors, telecommunications, and software are posing new threats to peace, but also have the potential to enhance the capabilities of peacekeeping organizations. The promise of peace-tech can be unlocked through a systematic program for developing and deploying new tools for peacekeeping. By empowering trusted, independent peacekeeping organizations, Peace-tech will be a key factor in supplanting the militarized global security model with a non-violent security paradigm based on international protocols and laws.

At a time when the world faces increasing international tensions and a regional war in Europe that threatens to become a catastrophic global conflict, new approaches to conflict resolution are urgently needed. Awareness of new possibilities for peacekeeping will enable Greens to strengthen anti-war efforts consistent with the Peace Pillar of the Green Party. Accordingly, we will propose revisions to the GPUS platform aimed at expanding the scope and prominence of the peace pillar.

Presented by Haig Hovaness and Ryan Swan

Environmental Racism in Central Florida - Can't Stop Change

As the rate of hateful legislation rises across the state of Florida, so too are the severity and frequency of climate disasters, creating compounding threats to the safety of socially-targeted communities. Meanwhile, the same politicians trying to erase history from the classroom through the “Stop Woke” Act are enriching their bank accounts through fossil fuel projects driving climate change.

"Can't Stop Change" is a new documentary film that meets with queer and trans community organizers, mutual aid activists, and environmental educators as they uncover the web of entanglements between the anti-change culture wars and climate change. Through deep intersectional storytelling and a collaborative production process, “Can't Stop Change” points towards a proactive strategy for community resilience to storms and state violence alike.

Presented by Robin Harris

Engage and Reframe - Green Party Press Conference Training

Powerpoint presentation with engaging images and video clips - covers all aspects of political presentation skills including promotion, press advisory, head shot, social media, delivery, content, reframing and follow-up

Presented by Ann Link

3:45 – 5:00 pm

Social Mixer: Green Eating

Join Tamar Yager in an open-ended discussion on food and politics, recipes, and ethical eating. Just for fun!

What's The Matter With the United States?

In 2004, Thomas Frank wrote a book titled "What's the Matter with Kansas?" that looked at the political landscape of Kansas and how conservativism shifted social and political issues in the state. Since 2004 there have been a number of states that gradually grew to the conservative landscape we are now seeing in the United States in the 21st century. In this workshop, will examine this grow and how conservativism has shifted over the years, and how Greens can position themselves to be the go-to when it comes to organizing and potential electoral action.

Presented by AJ Reed

Make Love Not More – Men’s Contraceptives Research, Activism, and Green Party Platform

Women have 11 different methods of modern, reversible contraception today, but men have none. We humans have put a solar car on Mars and micro transmitters on bees, but men still do not have the ability to control the most important decision of their life, when to become a father. Our starting point is a review of the Green Party national platform on Reproductive Rights. Then we’ll dive into current research including intervention points and techniques for men’s reproductive system; clinical trials underway; inequities in male contraceptive research vs women’s research; and how men’s contraceptives can benefit from lessons learned from 60 years of women’s experience.

We will look at the challenges and obstacles to bringing multiple modern options to market, including the hormonal vs non-hormonal debate and lack of support from the pharmaceutical industry. We’ll close with system-level benefits from men’s contraception, six targets for activism, and thoughts on updating our national platform to support full reproductive autonomy for all.

Presented by Nancy Wallace

What is a Resource? Systems and Digital Organizing as a Tool in Growing Our State and Local Parties

Every year new digital tools, apps, and other systems become available that could help our organizing at all levels of the party. Yet, Greens are often stuck in the past when it comes to our utilization of technology. In this workshop, we will talk about some key organizing areas and tools that could make our organizing, communication, and more function more effectively and efficiently, as well as, discuss the important role that systems can play in growing the party and being a valuable resource that the party brings to the table for its chapters, organizers, and candidates.

Presented by Chris Blankenhorn

5:30 – 6:30 pm

Caucus Meetings

6:45 – 7:45

Candidate Cafe

8:00 – 9:30 pm

Young Green's Perspectives: Takeaways From Global Greens Conference

The Young Ecosocialist Caucus sponsored three attendees to the Global Young Greens/Global Greens conference in early June. GYG boasted at least 90+ with the specific tag at the conference showing that Youth have and will continue to show up. Panelists will discuss what went well, what didn't go well, what were some takeaways, what would we have done differently, visiting Nogunri (a memorial site from the Korean War) and visiting members of Korean parliament, ending with live Q&A.

Sponsored by the YES Caucus

9:45 – 11:30 pm

“Healing US” - Medicare for All film and Q&A with producers

Medicare for All is much cheaper than what we have now. This documentary has the receipts about the devastation the lack of universal health care has imposed on thousands upon thousands of people in the U. S.

Learn more here.

Filmmakers Kenny Ballentine (they/them) & Maddy Purves (she/her)

Saturday, August 5

Noon – 1:30 pm

Games With Matt Cleveland 

I will be leading a game called, "Network Connection"

Bad at trivia? No problem. These questions have never been asked this way before, anyway. Network Connection is a wagering game where you guess how all the contestants playing with you answered a series of questions about themselves. It's a trivia game but you won't know the answers until you find out if you bet close enough to win the points. As the game progresses you'll start to learn more about your opponents so the betting gets riskier. Have you ever gotten a parking ticket? Do you like roller coasters? Have you ever been on TV? How will your opponents answer? Limited to 20 players, unlimited audience members.


Candidate Cafe (12-1)

2:00 – 3:00 pm

Keynote Speaker - Peter Kalmus

3:30 – 5:00 pm

Steering Committee Forum With Q & A

5:30 – 6:45 pm

Social Mixer: Talk about the Weather

Open-ended discussion on the weather in your area, climate change, the seasons, and summer and winter sports. Just for fun!

Presented by Matt Cleveland 

Putting Out the Planetary Fire: A Presentation and Discussion for Green Climate Warriors Taking Action

The workshop on ecoaction will provide an overview of the Green Party's advocacy and electoral efforts to get governments in America and worldwide to take the action needed to avoided climate collapse. The workshop will provide an overview of the GP's call for an ecosocialist Green New Deal and its push for the President to take executive action starting with declaring a formal climate emergency (see climatepresident.org). It will provide an overview of the failure of the Biden administration to take necessary climate action and to stand up to the fossil fuel industry, including his approval of the WIllow Project in Alaska. EcoAction is part of the People vs. Fossil Fuel campaigns. It will provide an overview of steps the local greens can take to implement a Green New Deal.

Sponsored by The EcoAction Committee
Presented by Mark Dunlea and Justin Paglino

Environmental Racism in South Texas: Elon Musk's SpaceX and LNG

Indigenous people and Mexican Americans in the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas have been subject to colonization of many different forms for generations.

Today, the community faces another form of colonization: environmental racism from Elon Musk’s SpaceX boondoggle, and two proposed LNG terminals. State and local politicians have sold out to Musk and the fossil fuel industry, but environmental activists, including Greens, are fighting back.

Bekah Hinojosa of Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative, who has been targeted with arrest and political prosecution for speaking out against SpaceX, and was recently featured on Democracy Now!, will lead this workshop.

Bekah’s Democracy Now! segment:

Presented by Bekah Hinojosa

How to Organize for Fair Elections: Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation

Electoral reform is often an issue that is overlooked, yet is critical in reflecting the peoples’ will. The Green Party of the United States platform calls for implementation of ranked choice voting and proportional representation.

The U.S. electoral system using winner-take-all, single-member districts, elected by plurality voting, has consistently prevented Greens, women and people of color from getting their fair and proportional share of representation. This has worsened in recent years because the Republicans have become not merely a conservative party but an extremist, racist, authoritarian party. More than ever, progressive voters feel compelled to vote for centrist Democrats instead of progressive Greens in order to stop reactionary Republicans. Now Republicans are even pushing and passing state legislation to ban ranked choice voting.

This workshop will discuss remedies to these problems, emphasizing ranked choice voting for single-seat executive offices and proportional representation through ranked choice voting in multi-member districts for legislative bodies. The workshop will also report on efforts by Greens and others to advance these issues, and how you can get involved.

Presented by Howie Hawkins, Linda Templin, and Mike Feinstein

6:45 – 8:00 pm

Break and Candidate Cafe (6:45-7:45)

8:00 – 10:00

Fundraiser with Lee Camp

10:15 – 11:15 pm

Post-Fundraiser Comedic Mixer

Hosted by Philena Farley

Sunday, August 6

Noon – 1:30 pm

PCSC & Credentials - Report and 2024 PNC Credentials Process

Sponsored by the Presidential Campaign Support Committee

1:30 – 2:00 pm


2:00 – 3:00 pm

Elections Database Report

Presented by Mike Feinstein

3:15 – 4:45 pm

50 State strategy for Ballot Access in 2024

This presentation aims to explain ballot access requirements for the Green Party Presidential/Veep candidates in all of the states, suggest a way forward to attain ballot access in all states, and train volunteers on petitioning for ballot access.

Presented by Robin Laurain, Rick Lass, Nathan Kline, and Tony Ndege
Moderated by Tom Yager

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