Annie DiCampello

Ann-DiCampello.jpgGreen Party Candidate for Bristol Township Council, Bucks County

My family and I have lived in Levittown since 2005 keeping ourselves busy with camping, hockey and school. Aside from obtaining my bachelor's of science from Misericordia University (Dallas, Pa) I have lived in Bucks County my entire life. My family has had connection to this area and its sustainability since my grandfather's family, the Loch's from what is now Loch Valley in Lehigh County farmed tomatoes for Campbell's Soup in the 1920's by horse and buggy to Trenton, NJ. I spent my childhood in volunteering at soup kitchens, getting badges as a girl scout, and playing sports.

After graduating from Pennsbury High School in 1999 I was accepted to what is now Misericordia University in Dallas, Pa. The time I spent at Misericordia University being the biological society president, university admissions facilitator, tutor, Circle of Friends mentor, teachers assistant and a resident among peers taught me the value of making wide community effort goals and connections to foster an understanding of how science and communities rely on each other and use that information to better themselves.

After graduating from Misericordia in 2003 with a B.S. of Science in Biology and minoring in Chemistry I was employed at Q.C. Inc., for 8 years in which I worked in the metals lab, as a project manager and finally in the water microbiology department. It was there where I became the Manager for the Microbiology Departments writing SOP's and preforming audits. It was during this time I saw the need for a free and clean water supply an​d the dangers of a community without that clean, available water. I also witnessed the inner workings of agencies both local and state reacting to water crisis's and their efforts in preserving clean water standards and maintain those protocols. It is these local and County-wide connections and reconnections that can make Bristol Township a more sustainable community while meeting the needs of residents.

As of recent I have been participating in local clean-ups with friends from G.O.A.L. and the Bucks County Sierra Club and overall enjoying Spring! My intent is to make Bristol Township a greener and healthier place for all of our families.

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