Antonio Diaz

Green Party candidate for Mayor of San Antonio

16142555_1270089519750020_7453404262458414584_n.pngMy name is Antonio Diaz and my hometown is San Antonio, Texas. I am a graduate of St. Phillips Nursing Program and also a graduate of Texas A&M Electronic Engineering Extension Program. My early work experience was as a migrant worker and through that developed hard working ethics along side an empathy for low wage income families.

That is my impetus of running for mayor. My campagin will be to bring opportunity for the working class residents of San Antonio which I believe has been neglected for generations.

I have a political outlook that in order to have a just social and econmic system all segements of society must be involved in their local government representation. I am the peoples candidate and have no ties to corperate or governemental entities. My concerns are to give equal representation to all residents of San Antonio.

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