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Hello everyone,

We held our second Platform Hearing last night and 67 people joined us (we had over 71 the first night). Please visit the Platform page for links to recordings of both evenings.


Please note: delegates who are already bound to vote for a particular candidate in the first round are not eligible to sign a petition. If you signed one in error, you may go back and "change your vote" and add in the “Explanation” field that you signed in error so the Election Administrator knows that your vote cannot be counted towards the threshold of 10 signatures. The deadline for candidates to submit is noon ET on Thursday, July 9th.


We will be voting to approve the platform on Saturday, after we vote on the Credentialing Report. This is the final step in a months-long platform process. Please see the rules by which our convention is governed.

5-8.2(b) To address the convention, a delegate is required to register, with their name, delegation, draft Platform provision to be addressed, and their position on such provision with the Convention facilitation team not later than noon Eastern Time on Thursday, July 9.

If you wish to make a motion to strike: 5-8.2(b) also states:

 A delegate may make a motion to strike a provision from the platform if they have also presented signatures of at least 10 percent of convention delegates in support of that motion at the time theyregister to speak by noon Eastern Time Thursday, July 9. 

Delegates must use Loomio to submit a request to speak OR make a motion to strike. Please see your Loomio account for details on how to gather those signatures electronically from Delegates -- or to see who else is gathering them! 


We sent a trial text message last week from phone number 215-795-4655 to those we had a textable number for, as we want to have a secondary way to reach you. We have been updating our records, and hopefully you will receive another text later this week (and one on the morning of the Presidential Nominating Convention). If our text message did not reach you, or you have not been contacted directly, please confirm your mobile number with us today.


We know that many of our members have experienced loss in recent months. Green Pages has an obituaries section, but we would like to take a moment to acknowledge our green friends who have passed in the last year. If there is someone that you wish us to mention, please email [email protected] with "Memorial for <insert name>" in the subject header and include a few short sentences about them in the body of the email. Please do not just reply to this email. 


We will continue to send updates almost every day this week. We know there is a lot to take in, which is why we are trying to break it down into manageable chunks while still trying to answer everyone's questions in a timely fashion. 

As you can probably tell from our various links and descriptions, we are being guided by the Convention Rules. The daily schedule of activities are on so please feel free to browse on your own!


The PNC Team