Balancing Activism and Self-Care: Staying Sane for Another Day

The purpose of this webinar is to highlight the causes of the pressures of political life, whether it be in a trade union, political party or social justice movement. Pressures can become overwhelming to the point that we as individuals neglect our personal lives. Consequently, we do not think about how society can be structured differently to support emotional, physical and mental well-being for all people.

The webinar will attempt offer suggestions for societal changes which could result in robust emotional, physical and mental health for the 99%.


  • John Courtney: President, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 265, San Jose CA. John was in the transit yard during the May 26 mass shooting.

  • Christopher Overfelt: lives and works in the Kansas City area. An Air Force veteran, and active in Veterans for Peace, Peace Works KC, and the Kansas Poor People's Campaign

  • Dan Kovalik: is a human and labor rights lawyer, author, and peace activist. He has contributed to articles in CounterPunch, Huffington Post. His latest book is “Cancel This Book”, about cancel culture and how it harms progressive movements.

  • Tamala Turner: Missouri Green Party Chair; Avid practitioner at the St. Louis Solar Yoga Center, and person who remains calm.

  • Haeden Wright: is the wife of a striking coal miner from Brookwood, Alabama at Warrior Met Coal. She is the Auxiliary President for District 20 locals #2245/2368. The Missouri Green Party apologizes for the error of citing the strike as being in West Virginia.

Additional speakers

Elston McCowan, Jerome Bauer, others

For More Information or questions, contact Cris Mann, [email protected]. Co-sponsors include: Green Party of Kansas City Missouri; Missouri Green Party.

Register in Advance for This Webinar

  • October 06, 2021 at 7:30pm – 9pm
  • Missouri Green Party

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