Debates Board


Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr., Former Chairman of the Republican National Committee

Dorothy S. Ridings, Former President of the League of Women Voters


Jimmy Carter, Former Democratic President

  • Founder of The Carter Center: Contact us
  • President Carter responds to letters: The Carter Center, 453 Freedom Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30307.


John C. Danforth, Former Republican U.S. Senator

Charles Gibson, Former Host of Good Morning America; Former ABC News Anchor

  • Board of Kaiser Family Foundation (Menlo Park, CA): @KaiserFamFound or Contact Us.
  • (The Kaiser Family Foundation has previously been a sponsor of the debates.)
  • Former Host of Good Morning America: @GMA.

John Griffen, Managing Director of Allen & Company LLC

Jane Harman, Former Democratic Congresswoman

Antonia Hernandez, President/CEO, California Community Foundation

Reverend John I. Jenkins, President of University of Notre Dame

Jim Lehrer, Former PBS News Anchor

Michael D. McCurry, Former Press Secretary for Bill Clinton & Former CPD Co-Chair

  • Council at Public Strategies Washington (Washington, DC): 214-363-3990 or [email protected].
  • Professor at Wesley Theological Seminary (Washington, DC): @WesleyTheoSem or Contact Us/Location
  • He will teach a class this fall that gives his students the option to attend the 2nd Presidential debate in Saint Louis. 
  • Private Twitter account: @mmccurry.

Newton N. Minow, Former Democratic Chair of the Federal Communications Commission

Richard D. Parsons, Former Chairman of Citigroup; Former Chairman & CEO of TimeWarner

Olympia Snowe, Former Republican U.S. Senator


Janet H. Brown, Former Republican White House Staffer & Congressional Staffer (for CPD Member John C. Danforth)

  • Executive Director of Commission on Presidential Debates (Washington, DC): [email protected]
  • Commission on Presidential Debates, 1200 New Hampshire Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036.

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