Debates - Educate

Ever since the League of Women Voters withdrew from hosting the debates calling them "a fraud on the American voter," the DNC- & RNC-backed Commission on President Debates has a long history of conspiring to keep out independent voices--thereby perpetuating a staged and rigged spectacle every four years on the United States. 

At the same time, there is a long history in the Movement for Open Debates. Ronald Reagan supported open debates in 1980. So did Donald Trump in 2000. Many prominent activist and public figures across the political spectrum have voiced their support for open debates as a necessity for a health democracy. 

Below find some resources to educate yourself and others on the history of this scam and on the movement to restore open debate to the public sphere:

Jill & Ajamu's Open Debates Letter to Trump & Clinton

Jill's Op-Ed on Open Debates in The Guardian

Video: Jill & Cheri getting arrested in 2012 outside Presidential Debates at Hofstra University

David Paleologos: Voters Want Third Party on the Ballot

Laurel Avery: "Why Aren't Third Parties Allowed to Debate?"

Video: Donald Trump in 2000 Supporting Open Debates (CSPAN, with Jesse Ventura)

Gary Johnson's 2012 Letter to the CPD in favor of Open Debates