Elena Althaus

Green Party Candidate for Phoenixville School Board

159c7e2-202x300.jpgI see education as the key to prosperity on every level – individual, community, national, and global. I believe in providing every young person with equal access. As a college librarian, I have the opportunity to work with students just entering college and a knowledge of the types of skills that students need to be successful. I would like to take this knowledge of higher ed to help Phoenixville schools on decide how to best prepare students for college and life beyond.

Equal Access for all students

I believe strongly in creating an environment which allows all students to excel, which necessitates attention to the needs of many diverse groups. Simply providing access to the same courses and teachers is not enough – we need to be aware of the many challenges facing students. A child who is not adequately fed may struggle to focus and does not have the same opportunities as others. A first generation college applicant may struggle navigating the system. A child of non-English speakers may need more help with language-based homework assignments. Children with computers at home have an advantage over those who don’t. That’s why it’s necessary to listen to the needs of families and take steps to help students overcome inequities and succeed.

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