Green Party of Texas state meeting

Registration is now open for the Green Party of Texas (GPTX) Annual State Meeting, to be held online, June 26th & 27th. Individuals wishing to attend as Delegates must register by June 1st. Meeting business will include election of officers as well as Bylaw & Platform amendments. Individuals wishing to affect the direction of Green Party efforts in Texas should be sure not to miss this important meeting!

GPTX is seeking candidates for the 2022 general election, and will host a prospective candidate information event on August 28th. Candidate filing will take place November - December 2021, so prospective candidates are encouraged to begin preparing their campaigns now for 2022.

Texas appears poised to enact SB 2093, which will entrench charging convention-nominating party candidates a primary filing fee upon application to run, before they are certain of winning the GPTX nomination, and of course still omitted from the state-run primary.

Most voters do not understand that the reason they don't see Greens during the primary in Texas is because minor parties are not permitted to participate in it.

They are instead relegated to a do-it-yourself convention process which must conform to antiquated rules, and now to be paying a fee to reimburse the state for a process in which they can't participate. No matter that this new fee provision was under injunction during the last week of the 2019 filing period, and is still in question as a subject of pending litigation; Texas is set to double-down on the requirement in the 2022 election cycle, so Green candidates should plan for it.

The Green Party presently has ballot access in Texas through 2026. That means we need candidates who subscribe to our platform to step up and carry our message to the public, win office, and implement change. GPTX can offer little beyond a path to the general election ballot line.

We need Greens across Texas to build their own local groups & help us fill out all of the things we'd like to see the party doing.

While political rhetoric has shifted considerably in the last decade, we still have not seen substantial policy changing the course of US empire. Maintaining and building Green Party political pressure remains an imperative for putting people, peace, and planet over profit. While the duopoly parties maintain a stranglehold on ballot access and the electoral process, Greens will not give up the struggle to call out and break this unconstitutional capture of our supposed democracy.

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Green Party of Texas

  • June 26, 2021 at 10:00am – June 28, 2021
  • Green Party of Texas

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