Green Officeholders Network

The purpose of the Green Officeholders Network is to bring Greens holding elective office and the State Green Parties closer; and to foster the interconnection of the Green officeholders themselves, with GPUS staff support.

Proposal for the Creation Of An Green Officeholders Network, adopted March, 2004

If you are a Green holding elected office and would like to join our email list, please contact the national office.

Second Conference of Green Officeholders, February 2003

Elected Greens come to Santa Monica to share experiences and form National Network
Change Links, Los Angeles.

National Greens Discuss Growth
The LookOut, Santa Monica.

VIDEO: Second Conference of U.S. Green Officeholders (24:05)
Santa Monica, CA February 21-23, 2003

Jeff Sklar, Rent Control Board, Santa Monica, CA
Genevieve Bertone , Sustainable City Task Force, Santa Monica, CA
Iris Oliveras, Architectural Review Board, Santa Monica, CA
Lotta Hedstrom, Swedish Parliament
John Halle, Board of Alderman, New Haven, CT
Sarah Lipson, Board of Education, San Francisco, CA
Brenda Konkel ,Common Council, Madison, WI
Bill Meyers, Board of Education, Point Arena, CA
Jan Williamson, Arts Commission, Santa Monica, CA
Lori Nafshun, Recreation & Parks Commission, Santa Monica, CA

VIDEO: A Perspective on the Green Party's Elected Officials (27:00)
Santa Monica, CA February 21, 2003

Green Party elected officials interviewed by Southern California Public Affairs Host Bill Rosendahl, on the eve of the Second Conference of Green Officeholders in the U.S. (in Santa Monica, CA)

Matt Gonzalez, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Julie Jacobsen, Hawai'i County Councilmember
Annie Young, Minneapolis Recreation & Park Commissioner
Mark Sanchez, San Francisco Board of Education
Mike Feinstein, Santa Monica City Councilmember

First Conference of Green Officeholders, February 1998

Green Party Meets in Santa Monica.
By Mary Moore, The LookOut. Santa Monica

Additional Green Officeholder Videos

John Eder, Green member of Maine State House (2002-2006) Part One (26:42) | Part Two (32:47)

Two part presentation by Eder about his experiences running for and serving in office. Eder spoke at the 2005 annual national meeting of the Green Party of the United States, at a workshop of the Coordinated Campaign Committee, July 28th, 2005, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Part One

Part Two

Matt Gonzalez President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors speaks to convention delegates (10:22) Green Party 2004 Convention

Jason West (Mayor, New Paltz, NY) and Scott McClarty (Media Committee Coordinator, Green Party of the United States) speak to convention delegates (7:57), Green Party 2004 Convention.

Wisconsin Greens George Martin (state party co-chair) and Brian Benford (City Council member, Madison) are joined by Frank Zeidler (former Socialist Mayor) to welcome convention delegates (12:02), Green Party 2004 Convention.


VIDEO: Green Party Officeholders Forum 1997 (36:01)
Green City Council members speak at forum in Berkeley, California 1997.
Mike Feinstein (Santa Monica)
Jennifer Hanan (Arcata)
Jason Kirkpatrick (Arcata)
Bruce Mast (Albany)
Bob Ornelas (Arcata)
Dona Spring (Berkeley)