How to run for office

If you are thinking of running for office local, district, state, or congressional office please email your state’s Green Party to learn what steps are needed. Election laws vary by state and often change. Your state Green Party can also help you decide which level of office is a good fit for you, by reviewing the issues you care about, looking at your political resume, and understanding your background of community involvement.

We need thousands of Green Party candidates to challenge the two corporate parties and to learn the art of running for office. Smart, energetic people can impact politics and win. We are especially looking for people who are under-represented in elective offices such as women, African Americans, Latinx, Asian Americans, gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, and young people.

Our candidates and their public advocacy create public policy on important issues including civil rights, labor rights and a living wage, affordable housing, quality public education, alternative voting systems, community-based economic development, peace, and environmental health. They are opposing corruption, institutionalized racism, gentrification, police brutality, urban sprawl, fracking, and corporate power.

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