Independence for Puerto Rico


The Green Party calls for cancellation of Puerto Rico's debt and an end to the austerity policies that have been imposed. We endorse independence, decolonization, and self-determination for Puerto Rico.

Greens said that the severity of recent storms confirms that climate change is now a global emergency, with Puerto Rico and other islands and mainland areas in "Hurricane Alley" facing more catastrophes in the coming years.

The Green Party platform section on Puerto Rico states:

The present fiscal and economic crisis in Puerto Rico is largely due to the United States' colonial power and exploitation in Puerto Rico. Further, although Puerto Rico is a tropical island country seriously being affected by climate change, it is powerless to participate in initiatives and international negotiations to control and mitigate climate change and global warming.

As as a colony of the United States, Puerto Rico's position of political subordination cuts across the problem and independence would break the stalemate and create the possibilities of a solution.

Commitment to grassroots democracy is totally consistent with support for the decolonization of Puerto Rico as colonialism is contrary to democracy. For the country ruled, democracy is non-existent where one country rules over another, even if there are elections every four years to elect local authorities.

Taking into account that in Puerto Rico the United States controls commerce, international relations, immigration, monetary issues, communications, postal matters, defense, labor relations, and others, to truly support democracy in Puerto Rico, its decolonization has to be supported as the first step for the Puerto Rican people to live in a democracy.

Yes, I support independence for Puerto Rico. I also support independence for American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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