Joy Davis

Joy Davis is Co-chair of the National Women's Caucus. She represents the National Black Caucus on the National Committee, and also serves as Co-Chair for the Green Party of Texas. She is a Steering Committee Member of the Harris County Green Party.

She is on the steering committee for the Women's March on the Pentagon, and put forth a proposal to sponsor the first-ever March for Black Women in Houston, which was sponsored by her local Green Party.

Davis recently worked with other allies to help prevent a charter takeover of 10 Houston Independent School District Schools that were majority African-American and LatinX schools in Texas.

She has coordinated with other organizations for travel to Brownsville, Texas to the detention centers to protest the family separations of families legally seeking asylum. She is currently organizing an immigration forum with immigration rights activists and organizations to educate the public about immigration and the processes people have to go through to seek citizenship.

"As someone who lives in and organizes in frontline communities, our platform would alleviate a lot of the problems we are facing now, if enacted. The Green Party must continue to engage people from poor, marginalized, and oppressed communities in order to build stronger relationships within those communities. The Green Party is the party for the 99%. This is why I will continue to advocate and work hard to strengthen the Green Party," said Davis.