Kristin Combs

Over the past two years on the SC, I've learned a lot about how the SC functions and also my strengths in relation to that. The secretary serves as an informational source for the SC and the NC. They make sure that the SC knows what's required and upcoming per the bylaws and from incoming email. They let the NC know what's going on through minutes and timely posting of announcements and proposals. In many ways they are responsible for the built in systems that ensure that communication flows between the SC and NC. This year, I saw first hand what happens when that communication stops. The NC (justifiably) loses trust in the SC. The SC co-chairs can think they're following the rules but failure in the secretary role can completely break the system.

I'm a detailed, thorough person and take joy in finding ways to make systems more efficient. There are SO many places where things could be more efficient in the secretary position. For example, I'd like to make it more straightforward for folx to sign-up to observe meetings, submit proposals, and communicate committee and NC delegation changes. All of these things go through the secretary but many could be set up so that the needed notifications are automated. Building up these efficiencies will serve the party far beyond my term.

I'm committed to not only staying on top of the minutes when I take over, but also publishing the minutes that are missing from the last year.


I grew up in Texas and moved to Philadelphia in 2009. Almost a decade ago, I met Cheri Honkala and started working with the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign. Through that I learned about and joined the Green Party. In 2015 I ran for Philadelphia city-council at large, winning endorsements from almost every socialist organization in the city and several key labor organizations. I ran a dollar per vote campaign and secured one third of what would be my win number, showing that our green message really does resonate with the people of Philadelphia. The following year, I ran for Pennsylvania State Treasure. My vote total hit the threshold needed to give the Green Party of Pennsylvania minor party status.

I've also served in Green leadership at the local, state, and national level. During my term as chair of GPPA, we tripled the annual budget, did a full review of the bylaws, and reworked the party structure <> to ensure it reflected our grassroots values. Most recently, I've served as a Green Party national co-chair. During my time on the steering committee, I partnered with a six person team that met in person to coordinate the virtual Presidential Nominating Convention and took the lead to ensure credentialing continued in spite of many challenges. I now serve as the liaison to the Credential Committee, Dispute Resolution Committee, Peace Action Committee, and Platform Committee. I'm also a member of the Accreditation Committee, Media Committee, and co-chair of the Bylaws Rules Policies and Procedures committee.

In my day-to-day life, I work as the Executive Director of School Organization for Philadelphia Public schools. My department helps streamline logistics, so that school based staff can focus on students. In my time with the central office, I've been instrumental in working to minimize and eventually end the destructive and disruptive leveling process that uproots teachers from their schools after the academic year has begun. I've also built safeguards into high schools that ensure equitable programming for all our students, particularly our students with specialized learning needs.

It's been an honor to serve on the Steering Committee as a co-chair for the past two years. I am excited by the opportunity to continue my service over the next two years as secretary.

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