Pacific Green Party February Convention

The Pacific Green Party will be holding a convention on February 24 and 25 - two half days 11:00 am-2:00 pm. You must pre-register (bottom of the page), so we can qualify you as a voter and create your ballot.

  • February 24 will focus on 2024 campaigns.  Specifically, the process to nominate the PGP candidate for President, brief presentation from the various candidates, timeline for 2024 races & candidate recruitment.  We will also have candidates for local office, specifically for Portland City Council (Portland is electing an entire new form of government, 12 members using Single Transferable Voting)

  • February 25 will focus on election of PGP officers, delegates to the national committee, bylaws update and a number of resolutions

January 27, 10am, Meeting of the Strategy Committee to create a draft proposal that will be presented at the convention (we are using the link for the communications committee).  Draft proposals and survey results are on this page (under the campaigns tab).


1)  presidential nomination candidates & process.  Until we nominate, the party itself cannot favor a candidate.

2)  Election of State Coordinating Committee and delegates to the National Committee

3)  If you are interested in running for office, please go to the campaigns page to find out what races are up for election and a primer on how to run effective campaigns.


Based on the report from the independent facilitator hired in September, the SCC, who is charged with making final binding interpretations of the bylaws and organize conventions, has taken the following important decisions:

Conventions are a time to make decisions and come together as a party; the work needs to be done prior to conventions, in smaller committees and meetings.

1.  Supporting Green Party members who register for the convention will be considered to be participating at the convention.

We understand many people work or are caregivers unable to be physically present on week-ends.  The SCC, tasked with making binding interpretations of the Bylaws, wants to promote more involvement, lowering barriers to participation.

2.  The Agenda will be determined prior to the convention, with approval at the convention for small adjustments

Because of the limited time at conventions, we need to optimize the time.  We invite participation to set the agenda, this takes place at the SCC meetings; we use for discussions.  Approval of the agenda at the convention is reserved for minor adjustments.

Bylaws require agenda items be sent 30 days prior to the convention using this form.  Anything sent afterward will be tentatively listed for consideration at the following convention; some items require two conventions for approval (eg bylaw revisions).

3.  Voting for all decisions will be done online (using OPA Vote), over a period of one week

All materials to be voted on need to be distributed at least 2-4 weeks PRIOR to the convention, as part of the convention "packet," so participants can review the materials.  Allowing an extended period of voting allows participants to fully familiarize themselves with the material before casting their vote.  An extended period also allows working folk to vote when they are able to review the material and vote, without being limited to a few hours for those decisions.

Please note that the bylaw proposals discussed in the past year follow along the same lines, to foster wider participation.

4.  Chat between participants will be disabled for the following important reasons

The main reason is that having a separate conversations distract from the attention needed for the convention itself.  Hosts and cohosts are not able to follow or participate; when hosts need the chat feature to solve problems during the meeting it is not available due to the volume of messages.  In addition, this feature has been misused in the past by a handful of people who engage in confrontation and interpersonal abuse, unfortunately.

Apologies for not sending more updates; we rely on volunteer availability. 

We are reactivating all the regularly schedule meetings (listed here with link).  We strongly encourage you to become involved though those.  We need some folk to make phone calls to people who have expressed interest in volunteering.  If you want to help with that phone outreach effort please email [email protected]


Ballot Access Youth Brigades for 2024  (helping other states get on the ballot)

Seed money for an organizer and merchandise

And register for the convention!

Conventions Committee

  • February 24, 2024 at 11:00am – February 25, 2024
  • Pacific Green Party

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