Plenary Report Friday, 2010



Detroit, Michigan
Friday Afternoon. June 24, 2010
“Another US is Possible; Another PARTY is Necessary”


Geroge Martgin (NMex) opened the meeting at 1:43 p.m. EDT

Introduced Wayne Turner (NC, AnmCom co-chair)

Wayne – Thanked all for coming. Thanked several people who made this meeting posible – Hilary Kane (AnmCom Co-chair), Detroit and MI Greens, Lynne Meadows, Doug Campbell, Lou Novak, Fred Vitale and more

Lou Novak, MI/DT Greens – Welcome to Detroit. This is intended to be their (USSF) first bottled-water-free event. Use re-fill-able containers!

MI Greens achieved ballot status in 20000, have retained it since then, run candidates for office, have officeholders. Work in city of Detroit is around water affordability and accesibility; sulfite mines in U.P.; Rev. Pinckney and Whirlpool Corporation in Bar Harbor. Listed MI Green candidates.

Noted USSF events taking place, encouraged GReens to take part.

George Martin (New Mexico; on steering committee of UFPJ and USSF) – CALL to ACTION


Throughout, about 26 states and caucuses represented; a few more in the vicinity, but not yet present at the start of this meeting; more came in over the weekend. Quroum was not reached during the ANM; however, no business involving votes was conducted.*

I. Strategic Planning

Brent, Jason, Holly presented a brief history and framing of GPUS strategic planning

BRENT – in 2004, the party hired 3 directors. They went to SC and asked what they were to do. SC didn’t have much knowledge or training in this area. Staff began weekly meetings to deveop a plan, so they knew what the were doing. The NC had also passed a resolution to empower SC to take steps toward developing a strategic plan. In 2004, SC met in DC, and took the step to empower creation of strategic plan working group

In 2005, results were presented at Tulsa ANM of a national survey. SC failed, however, to initiaite the second step. This is one reason that in 2006/2007, there was difficulty in getting a budget passed, difficult to get an agreement. At one point, GPUS went a year without a budget. Staff proposed a Case Statement, which was an improvement.

GPUS has been organized now in US for 25 years, but has not developed a basic mission statement regarding what we want to accomplish. “We are stuck in he water right now” until we go back and do this basic work. Hopng to re-initiate that process this weekend. Staff and SAC will step back this weekeng to hear what GNC has to say.

Recent efforts to re-initiate that process

Jason Nabewaniec. Reviewed recent work. Sub-committee worked wth MIke to build a omentum for what we’re doing today. Out of that ame a proposal which was eventually rejected by the GNC. Jason was asked to discuss the merits of the propsoal and why it was voted down; but Jason stated that this wuld merely limite the frame of what teh discussion is, where it is going, would liek to be more open about getting ideas, deciding where we want to bve, then how to get to that point. Wants the GNC to take osnership of the sategic planning of GPUS. Where do we want to do? How do we want to get there. The SC has never found a way to involve GNC in strategic planing. There is desire for NC involvement and feedback, but a way not found. That is what we’re hoping to do today.

Framed discussion in a way we thought would be logical, but at this point we want to hear from eberyone, not processes but “vision” of where we want to be, then.

!. Claudia Ellquist )SC co-chair, AZ) facilitated. Reminded group that this assembly cannot make any decisions, but will form the groundwork leading (we hope) to GNC action.

GPUS strategic planing sessions, 06/25/10 Friday afternoon. SHould the GNC think/act in terms of a short- or longer-term plan? 2-year? 4-year? 10-year/Longer?


Mike Feinstein (CA) – input needed from GNC for budget

Warner Bloomberg (CA) – two-year plan, each year part of; involves re-visiting what has been done so far, how well, etc.

Monte LeTourneau (WI) – 2 year and 10-year, both at one time

Jennifer Sullivan (FLA) telescope plan – 1, 2 5, 10, 20 – achievable goal in one year. Gerealistic about it

Sanda Everrette (CA) – 2, 6, 10 – 6, beause that will coincide with our presidential year

Alberto Bocanegra -(IL) two-year towards presidential election

Julia Willebrand (NWC; NY) – inclined towards 2-year plan, do-able; idea of 20 years into teh future is ahrd to approve of; BUT – doesn’t want to box us in, make it “all about the presidential prace” A lot of things we can do in the interim.

Jody Grage (WA) – given that we are starting thsi process, I see -year plan which includes a 1 year plan, that becomes more vague from there, so that we re-define and refine that as we go forward. If we did a 12 year plan, it wouldnt exlude a 1 year plan or planning for 5 or 6 years in the future. Focusing on 2 years would be god.

Bruce Bruenninger (WVA) – advocates 20 year plan

Laurel Lambert Schmitt (IL) – telescoping, ballot access, build the party, congressional delegates, having a viable candidate for president in 10 years

Tim Mavrides (AZ) – need a long-term plan; may address some parts in one or two years, but miss other parts

Ron Hardy (WI) – If your goal is a presidential candidate for 2010: When we really ought to be thinging about a 2-year plan, and 50-state ballot access.

David Strand (LC; MN) –in favor of a 2 year plan, with obvious implications included for 10, 20-year outlook. Would like to re-emphase getting far more poeple to run for local office (42% sauccess rate in the last year and a half); the more we have in office, the more we have public trust for higher office,

Martin Pleasant -(TN) – like telscope plan; primarily, look at metrics of it at some future point, helps to have a longer term timeline to look at, gives sense of achievement, inspiring, helps build further

Monte LeTourneau (WI) – feels that a point got put up there; meed a long term goal before we make a short-term plan; we can work on a long term plan, btu teh first thing we need to do is decide on a long term frame and have a goal that informed teverything else.

CLAUDIA – possibility of two parts to this discussion – short and ong ter

Marian Douglas-Unagaro (DC; BC) – – mentions GP focusing on community organizing around local issues, as well as electoral races. We need a formal plan for that, that will bring people to vote for the party.


DECISION – What kind of TIMELINE to look at

Agreed to divide time in half, 2 parts: short-term/10yrs; 27 YES; 4 or 5, NO

QUESTION – how to split the time

2 yrs/ longer term (10 – presidential elections; ethnic concerns – critical issues – 6 yr timeline)
6 years = 16
10 years = 17

Did not agree to divide discussion into 3 parts = 13 Yes; 16 No (2 parts)


III. After listing goals, objectives, delegates would choose one to expand upon. 2 items, one 10-year, one 2-year plan.

Claudia eplained further parts of process – assess resources, what is needed.
Money, volunteers.
Delegation/authorization and responsibility.
Evaluation as part of timeline.

IV. Plan for Saurday – prioritizing goals, possibly break into groups, look into work plan.

Who is authorized/delegates and responsible to do something; who will report back and when?


Brent: Inactive, but still usable Coordinated Campaign Comittee portion of website.
Campaign manual
GOTV manual (Rhode Island campaign of Jeff Toste)
Campaign templates can download for websites

Need: CCC had a budget in the past, could identify key campaigns helping to biuilid the party across the country (issues of gender and ethnicity); that budget disappeared, the committee along with it. Ballot access used to be part of that committee, now there is a Ballot Access Committee. Federal level campaigns also split out (Green Senatorial/House Campaign Comittee). Types of campaigns (orphan campaigns, where candidate appears with no local party, no base, stasrting from scratch). Used to have regioal campaign schools. Staff time devoted toward candidate support has declined,

Need database for fundrasing , fundraising contractors. Hard to spend time developing this and also work with campaigns and candidates; need peple effective at fundraising. Currently working with fundraising contractor of GP of Canada (also uses Civic–CRM Drupal), to increase our capacity to work efficiently with a fundraising contractor; we are not able to do that right now. Communicate effecitvely with contractor..

VI. Claudia: TOMORROW: think over tonight what you can bring to come up with some consensus-based plan to bring to the GNC for a vote. If there is a proposal, work toward getting authorization from your state, caucus or committee. For tomorrow, look at bringing larger ideas, get larger group aproval.

GNC Plenary
Detroit, MI
Holly Hart
Secretary, GPUS

* ATTENDANCE (note, there will be some discrepancy between this initial roll call and the list of participants which follows, as delegates joined the meeting in progress during the afternoon)
Arizona – 2delegates
Arkansas – 1d
California – 8d
Connecticut – 4d (out of 5 present in Detroit)
Delaware – 1d
Florida – 3d
Georgia – 1d (out of 2 present in Detroit)
Hawai’i (1d present for Sat-Sun plenaries)
Indiana – 1d
Illinois – 3d (out of 6 present in Detroit)
Iowa – 1 observer
Louisiana 1d
Maine – (1d present for Sat-Sun plenaries)
Maryland – 1d (out of 2 present in Detroit)
Michigan – 1d (out of 5 present in Detroit)
Missouri (1d present for Sat-Sun plenaries)
North Carolina – 1d (out of 2 present in Detroit)
South Carolina – ?
North Dakota
South Dakota
Nebraska – ?
New Mexico – 1d (1 more present at Sat-Sun plenaries)
New Jersey – ?
New York – 1d
Texas (2 or 3 delegates arrived for Sat-Sun plenaries)
Washington – 1d, 1 alternate
New Hampshire
Rhode Island
Washington, D.C. 1d (more?, approx. 3 were present in Detroit)
Virginia – 1d
West Virginia – 1d
Wisconsin – 2d
Minnesota – 1d
Mississippi – 1d
Pennsylvania 2d
Tennessee – 2d
Lavender Caucus – 1d
Black Caucus – 1d
National Women’s Caucus – (1d for Sat-Siun plenaries)


Participating were (in order they signed in):
Mike Feinstein (CA) – delegate
Budd Dickinson (WA; temp Platcom Co-chair) – delegate
Craig Thorsen (CA) – delegate
Tim McKee (CT) – delegate
Telemachos “Tim” Mavrides (AZ) – delegate
Hector L. Lopez (CT)
Morgan Moss, Jr. (LA) – delegate
Jan Arnold (CA) – delegate
David Strand (Lavender Caucus, Steering Committee/Co-chair) – delegate
Laurel Lambert Schmitt (IL) – delegate
Warner Bloomberg (CA) – delegate
Jody Grage (WA, Steering Committee/Treasurer) – alternate
Ben Kjelshus (MO) – delegate
Julia Willebrand (NY; National Women’s Caucus, but representing NY for this meeting) – delegate
Farheen Hakeem (MN, Steering Committgee/Co-chair) – delegate
Jan Martell (NC) – delegate
Linda Piera-Avila (CA) – delegate
David Ireland (NC) – observer
Jan Hillegas (MS) – delegate
Richard Duffee (CT) – observer; platcom member
Monte LeTourneau (WI) – delegate
Susan Chunco (CA) – delegate
Jennifer Sullivan (FL) – delegate
Michael Rubin (CA) – delegate
Bahram Zandi (MD) – delegate
Mike DeRosa (CT) – delegate
David Schwartzman (DC) – delegate
Hugh Esco (GA) – delegate
Denice Traina (GA) – delegate
Tom Knoblach (NM) – delegate
Karen Young (Fundcom/Chair, from NY) observer; fundraising
Brian Bittner (Office Mamager, from MD)
Audrey Clement (VA) – delegate
Mike Shushan (VA) – delegate
Dana Silvernale (CA) – delegate
Sanda Everrette (CA, Steering Committee/Co-chair) – delegate
Christina Tobin (CA, at least for this meeting) ?
Jason Nabewaniec (NY) – delegate
Ian Samways (PA) – delegate
George Martin (NM; facilitator) – delegate
John S. Marshall (MA) – delegate
Claudia Ellquist (AZ, Steering Committee/Co-chair) – delegate
Jim Lendall (ARK) – delegate
George Bruening (WVA) – delegate
Holly Hart (IA, Steering Committee/Secretary) – observer
Brent McMillan (Executive Director, from DC)

Tom Yager (VA) – delegate
Shawna Doran (FL) – delegate
Jay Marx (DC) – delegate
Colia Clark (NY, Black Caucus) – delegate
Bill Kreml (IL) – delegate
A.J. Segneri (IL)
John Resenbrink (ME) – delegate
Tracey Martin (MI) – observer
Art Manning-Myatt (MI) – observer
Linda Manning-Myatt (MI) – observer
Lou Novak (MI) – delegate, AnmCom
Fred Vitale (MI) – delegate, AnmCom
Wayne Turner (NC, AnmCom Co-chair)
LuAnn Kozma (MI)- observer
Chris Henry (OR) – delegate
Jeff Sutter (IN) – delegate
Jack Ailey (IL) – delegate
Alberto Boccanegra (IL) – delegate
Ellis Boal (MI) – delegate
Michael Smith (IL) – delegate
Paloma Andrade (IL) – – delegate
Ronald Hardy (WI) – delegate
Bob Jacobson (HI) – observer
Julie Jacobson (HI) – delegate
Matt de Hughes (MI) – delegate?
Dick Paddock (NC) – observer?
David McCorquodale (DE) – delegate
Tim Willard (CT) – delegate
Donald “Free” Land (TN) – delegate
Steve Luther (CA) – observers?
George E Smolka (IN) – delegate
Marnie Gickman (CA) – delegate
Jake Schneider (WI) – observers?
Nan Garrett (GA) – observer
Doug Campbell (MI) – delegate
Clyde Shabazz (MI) – observer
Lynne Meadows (MI) – ran the silent auction