Presidential Nomination Convention Updates: Registration Due *Today*, Webinar Link for Platform Hearings and More

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. This is another update, following up on those sent last Friday and this past Monday

We also sent a trial text message to those we had a textable number for, as we had heard that some folks were not receiving these emails and we wanted to have a secondary way to reach you. You may receive another text later this week, one next week and one on the morning of the Presidential Nominating Convention (Saturday, July 11th). If our text message did not reach you, please confirm your mobile number with us today.

The deadline for credentialed Delegates to register is 11:59pm your time on July 1st. That gives us time to send information to Delegates about how they will vote using Loomio AND to hold mock elections to ensure delegates understand and can participate in the voting process. Delegates must register in order to receive that information.

Those observers who wish to follow along our Zoom webinar and participate in our traditional Annual National Meeting workshops have until July 5th to register.

NOTE: We understand that not all delegates or alternates have been credentialed yet. We strongly encourage folks to register by the deadline, but recognize that a small number of States and Caucuses may need an extension for their delegates/alternates to register after finally being credentialed. Please have one person from your delegation contact us if you will need special accommodation due to the circumstances described above.



Hearings will be held over Zoom webinar prior to the PNC. Please review the draft Platform proposals before the hearings:

LOOMIO:  Delegates and alternates who have registered by 11:59pm tonight: be on the lookout for an email tomorrow (Thursday) from Loomio, to set up your accounts.

ZOOM: Be on the lookout for an email early next week.


There will be several workshops on Thursday, July 9th and more workshops on Friday, July 10th. We have even scheduled an evening of FUNdraisng on Friday with a night of LIVE comedy, right from your own home!. You will NOT want to miss all-star The Jimmy Dore Show contributor Ron Placone's EXCLUSIVE live set for the Green Party!

Those observers who wish to follow along our Zoom webinar and participate in our traditional Annual National Meeting workshops have until July 5th to register.


Our PNC schedule on Saturday, July 11th includes discussion and voting on items outlined in our bylaws such as our Credentialing Report, approval of our Platform, and of course our nomination process. Presidential candidates who have met the requirements to address the convention will be given equal time to do so. 


The "check in" process for Delegates the morning of the PNC is very simple: Delegates will receive an email that morning with a link to a page. Delegates will literally click the  mark in the box. That's it! We allocated an hour, and ask that Delegates don't wait until the last minute just in case anyone experiences a problem.

We have produced a short video so you can see the process. As Delegates check in, that will be visible to other delegates and convention administrators. This will allow Delegation Reporters to see who among their delegation may need a gentle nudge / reminder to get online for the day.

So please check in prior to our noon Eastern start time. One of the first items on the agenda is the Credentialing Report, which does require a vote. There will also be a vote on our Platform, in addition to our vice presidential and presidential nominating process. We have built in a short break, but Delegates should be available to vote whenever necessary. 


Throughout the PNC, we will air several speeches from a range of inspiring and thought-provoking speakers including Ajamu Baraka, Robin Harris, Margaret Flowers, Cam Gordon, Seth Kaper-Dale, Margaret Kimberly, Jenny Leong, Mirna Martinez, Lisa Savage, Jill Stein. A Speaker's page has been posted online and will be updated as we get even closer. 


Those of you who submitted their Special Needs by our June 30th deadline should expect a follow-up in the next few days. As mentioned in previous emails, we are providing ASL translators and live captioning during plenary sessions. 


We will continue to send more emails in the coming days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The PNC Team