Rei Stone-Grover

Thank you so much National Committee and everyone that has supported my nomination to the Steering Committee. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to share my skills and to work to move the party forward. Thank you to those in my party that have supported and encouraged my nomination.

I hope that you see me as a member of the Steering Committee that supports your Green Party because I recognize that it's important to offer insight from a place of experience, while being open to learning and listening. Grassroots is the heart of the party and should be at the heart of leadership when addressing issues such as corporate influence and protecting democracy. There is nothing simple or easy about holding close to our values, but if they were easy, they wouldn't be our values. I'm an asset and I offer strength, perseverance, drive, and empathy. The future is here now and we can make it what we want by choosing to support our communities through strong, decisive leadership.

Regina Stone-Grover is a community organizer and advocate that has worked in grassroots organizing and community support since 2004. She is a former employee of North Carolina Department of Public Safety, where she worked with adult male inmates as a Staff Psychologist. She also worked as a key organizer for the Women's March on Charlotte, being a point person for the media, and organizing communication with event sponsors and donors, which organized over 25,000 marchers.

She has worked to advocate for social justice in Charlotte, NC through contributing to the Charlotte Post, "The Depleted Value of the Native Charlottean's Voice"

Born in Detroit, Mi she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Women's studies from Central Michigan University (CMU) where she completed the Michigan Coalition training and volunteered at Women's Aid Service working to support Isabella, Clare, and Gratiot counties. As a student she also fundraised annually for CMU's Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates through the Annual V-Day Campaign, which she Directed and Produced during 2006-2007. Also, while attending CMU she organized the Take Back the Night Rally for five years which drew participation from, students, community members and businesses, county officers and officials, and the Isabella Native American Tribe, and acted as Vice President when they became a Resident Student Organization.

Her dedication and commitment to organizing didn't stop there. She served as an Executive board member of Living Sacrifices for Christ Christian Fellowship. She was able to create an Independent study mentoring youth at Vista Maria Social Services Organization. After graduating from CMU she moved to Rockford Illinois, and completed the Illinois Coalition training as a Sexual Assault Medical advocate (volunteer) to assist survivors during their time at the hospital. She also worked for Rosecrance, INC in a Men's Inpatient adult substance and alcohol recovery unit. After a year in Illinois, she moved to Kalamazoo, Mi where she further developed her career through working with Family and Children Services as a respite worker with youth working with developmental disabilities and social emotional disorders. She became employed by Kalamazoo Public Schools as a Paraprofessional with the Pre-kindergarten Early Education Program (PEEP).

She also worked for Catholic Charities of West Michigan in their program for runaway youth. She has also been a feature poet for Western Michigan University's Suicide Prevention Awareness Program and for Catholic Charities of Kalamazoo Youth Advisory Board. During that period of time, she entered into Western Michigan University's (WMU) Counseling Psychology program where she earned her Masters of Arts degree while also volunteering and building Kalamazoo's Urban Empowerment a Multicultural Literacy program. A program started by Local organizers and community members looking to make positive changes in Kalamazoo. While at WMU, She also raised awareness about political issues affecting citizens of color and the homeless by working with other local organizers to start Kalamazoo 4 Justice.

Her in the department of Integrative Holistic Health and Wellness and the school of Interdisciplinary Health Program expanded her experience in research regarding Diversity and Inclusion, ways to accommodate campus wide diversity, accumulating a survey for diversity and inclusion, and teaching. While completing her education at WMU she also organized to protest excessive use of force by the police and raise awareness of issues facing People of color. She was able to intern for the Kalamazoo County Juvenile Home working with the treatment program, building out re-entry and support for youth. Her writing skills and coping skill building workshop created the opportunity for her to arrange for the youth of the treatment program to perform an Ensemble writing for Martin Luther King Jr Day for the entire Juvenile Home.

You can find more of her writing here:

"The Support System for Racism"

"America Needs More Than Denial Right Now"


The Green Party of the United States has been influential in advocacy work, environmental work, community support, and re-energizing tired voters that feel unsupported. We will use our resources and communities to build out a stronger impact on corporate and financial corruption, and we will align with communities to push for stronger protections for our environment.

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