Robin Laurain

My name is Robin Lea Laurain and I was born in Dearborn, Michigan in 1959. In 1966, my mother and I moved to a small town in Manistee after our front porch had a small explosion from a home made batch of explosive materials. The person put it into our mail chute which landed in our sun porch. I was playing in the area at the time and to this day have scars on my hands, legs, and arms from the debris.

Our white neighbors did not like the idea that my grandmother put a black realtor's sign in front of our house. It was the 60's and the Detroit race riots were in full force.

Terrified, my mother moved our family up North to a small town named Manistee. We rented a spacious apartment above a family who belonged to the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. My mother fell in love with one of the older sons and again we were taunted by the neighbors.

The father of the second black family that moved to Manistee came from Gary, Indiana to work at the Iron mill. The family remained in Gary while Dad slept in his car and worked to bring his family up North. My mother's love of her life came home and told her about Mr. S.
sleeping in his car. He worked at the mill as well and being the only men of color, the two men became fast friends. My mom said that she would let Mr. S sleep in our sun porch that she fixed up very nice for him rent free.

My mother taught me everything that I know about social justice. I was taunted and called names at school. My mom tried to volunteer at the Red Cross and was denied. She explained to me that these folks were ignorant and know that we were doing the right thing. Mom said Robby, don't hold on to the names they call you. I didn't even know what the names meant atvthevtime.

Eventually, the family bought a shack as no one would sell them a home. Today, the Stewart grandkids live in the beautiful home that today has a high property value due to it being close to the beach. The family turned the shack into a nice home.

I knew that I was never going to remain in a town that called me names because I played with kids that weren't white.

I left Manistee and went to nursing school in 1979. I was active in student government and knew that I enjoyed politics as much as nursing. President Nixon created a program that put poor rural kids through school and I was part of this program.

In the 80's, I went on to University and was involved in student politics where I met my husband. He was a Poly Sci and Econ major and we married. I received my Mrs. degree in the late 80's.

We were an Army family in the late eighties stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Being an inter-racial couple was a challenge in North Carolina, yet I did find enjoyment being the leader of the wife's rapid response team. When the 82nd airborne was called out, it was my responsibility to make sure the wives were prepared.

In the nineties, I was on my own a single mom of 3. I eventually moved to Lansing and became active in the Democratic Party. I worked as a nurse and went back to school.

One of the reason's I moved to Lansing was because my oldest daughter needed a heart transplant. Dione died before she could receive the transplant and I was left to take care of her baby.

My young son became so distraught over the death of his sister he had to go into a mental health facility for 8 months in Greenwood, Indiana.

My granddaughter went to stay with my brother's family, my daughter with my former husband, and I went and lived in Greenwood comuting every week between the two States to keep in contact with all the kids. I worked 3 days in Indiana and two days in Michigan. I volunteered for the Johnson County American Red Cross in Indiana and helped them write a grant for CPR equipment. They won the grant.

When in Michigan, I worked for the Dems. I was constantly busy and learned how to manage to get every minute out of my time.

I noticed my son was getting better yet the hospital would not release him. What they were doing was maxing out my former husband's insurance. My former husband was now a Deputy Warden for the Michigan Department of Corrections and had a good mental health plan in his Blue Cross insurance coverage.

I took this to arbitration and got my son released and into counseling in Michigan. Because of this very rare victory, I got the reputation of being "a junk yard dog advocate" by the Ingham County Community Mental Health Board. They recommended me to work as an advocate with the Association for Children's Mental Health.

During my time as a professional advocate, I was the first Juvenile Justice Advocate for Children experiencing a Mental Health Disorder in Michigan. I would educate the legislature in both Michigan and DC on issues pertaining to children's mental health.

Sara Way MSW and I wrote a manual that is still used by Juvenile Justice Courts around the country today about caring for children with mental health disorders who land in the Juvenile Justice System.

I have worked with the Carter Foundation and Georgetown University on matters that pertain to children's mental health. I have talked with Rosalind Carter and she is a role model to me.

Sen. Martha Scott, Detroit and Lansing Councilperson Carol Wood have presented me with proclamations for my work with children who experience a severe mental health disorder in 2000 and 2005.

I left the Democrats in 2018 after Obama started bombing Pakistan. I was involved in Occupy Lansing, Boycott the Vote, and was looking for a political home which I found in 2018 in the Green Party of Michigan.

From 2000 until now I have been involved in, "No way to Treat a Child" and BDS. I became friends with Dr. Alzin Linke who told me that I should expand my advocacy to the children who live in camps. I did and continue to do so today.

Today, I wear many hats in the Green Party. I am presently fixing up a house with my son. I am semi-retired so I have more time. There are many other experiences I have encountered that has given me the opportunity to see how much work we need to do as a party so that we can help Americans live happy and productive lives.

For fun and relaxation, I enjoy photography, travel, writing, dance, MSU sports, whale watching, antiques, laughing, working on my house, and reading.

This is a small clip of my life. Hopefully, more to come...

  • How long have you been a Green Party member and what positions have you held/do you hold at the local, state and national levels? Please indicate which positions you currently hold and will continue to hold if elected to steering committee.

  • Which caucuses do you belong to, if any?

  • Which GPUS committees are you a member of and are you a co-chair of any?

  • Are you a supporting member of GPUS, your state, your local or your caucus?

  • What is your vision of the future of GPUS and what special skills do you bring to the table?

My name is Robin Lea Laurain and I have belonged to the Green Party since 2018. I joined because another Michigan Green convinced me to run for the 68th District House seat. 

I left my travel nurse assignment in Vermont early to be at my State nominating convention. When I ran, Jane Fonda and Joe Biden came to Lansing to stump for my opponent. A first time run, little money, I managed to get 2.3% of the vote. Jill received 2% and Ralph 2.7% in Michigan so I figured I didn't do too awful for a first time run.

I have been a Green candidate 3 times. I was endorsed by Howie Hawkins in 2020. One of my opponents was endorsed by Bernie Sanders. I was the second highest Green vote getter that year. I ran in a statewide election for Michigan State University Board of Trustee.

In 2022, I ran again for MSU Trustee and this year I was the top vote getter in the State receiving almost 85,000 votes. I was very close to receiving more votes than the second Libertarian. Each time I run, I do better.

My local I founded and we have produced 3 Michigan candidates. I am the Female Identified Co-Chair. My local is involved in many issues and covers 5 Michigan Counties.

I have been Michigan's Female Identified Co-Chair twice. Each time I also held a second position, one of local liaison and the other Secretary. I was Co-Chair of GPMI Women's Caucus from 2018-2019. 

My service to Michigan has included recruiting and training candidates. Both my local and State Party has an election committee. I also have served on our Communications, By-law, and Platform Cmmittees. Currently, I am the Ways and Means officer and Membership Manager of the GPMI.

On the National level, I am a Michigan Delegate. I belong to Fundcom, Brrp, Ballot Access, the Presidential nominating committee.

I am very proud of the goals we have set for Outreach and are slowly achieving. My travel nurse connections made it possible to be in Alaska for 13 weeks. While I was there I formed a local on Mitkoff Island that is continuing to work with other Greens to rejoin the Federation. I have pictures that I will share in a different format.

I am the Female Identified Co-Chair of Outreach. I believe building strong State Parties should be our top priority.

Once Alaska rejoins the Federation, the goal is to get this new State ballot access.

Internationally, I am organizing a subcommittee to reach out to help improve the situation in the Middle-East. I have belonged to the International Committee either as a Lavender Caucus Rep. or Michigan Rep. Many of my associates are Palestinian Activists and have stated that they would like to form a coalition.

If elected to the SC, I would make an honest assessment of what I would have to let go of. I am good at time management. I also know how many projects over lap and so work done in one area can also be used in another.

I do not belong to any National Caucuses at this time. Michigan is forming a Lavender Caucus. I formed a Michigan Coalition of Green locals which helped get the Elliot-Larsen Act enforced in Michigan. Gov. Whitmer signed the Federal Act into State Law this year. This was a triumphant moment for the Michigan Gay Community.

I am presently on a fixed income and so monetarily it is difficult for me to donate on a regular basis to anyone. The money I receive for taking care of foster kids, I save so that when they age out, they don't land on the street penny less. I pay for their daily needs  myself. I have helped one young man attend a prestigious art school in California. 

We plan fundraisers through my local and I donate this way. Presently, we are planning a fundraiser for National. At this time, my support is through sweat equity. 

The youth of this party are our future and I have often stated that the tension that was going on between the elders and the youth of the party must stop. Again, I have never supported them financially, yet I have had members of the Caucus call me to ask me my opinion on things. I do believe that they view me as an ally.

Thoughts about the party and what my job as a SC member is this... Do not get involved in factions. Always think of what is in the best interest of the party as a whole. 

Use Green Party talent first before going outward. We have many talented people in this party and we should develop that talent. I have witnessed that this often gets stifled as people only want to work with their own faction/alliances. This is counterproductive to our party.

We need to build strong committees that work with each other and are transparent. The goal of this party must be to function as a political party producing candidates that have solutions to our country's problems.

My vision for this party is to have a strong infrastructure and strong State Parties in every State, Territory, and on Tribal land that is diverse. This will help us achieve ballot access and good candidates. Our goal should be to develop good candidates, not expect that one great savior will ride in and save the day. We need to stay reality based.

The skill set I process is that I am good at organizing and when I believe in something or someone, I make it happen. Regardless of the obstacles in my path, I make the right things happen with a little help from my friends.

My compassion for people is what motivates me to challenge the powers to be or the status quo which often annoys folks. My ability to not let other people's annoyance deter me is a skill that many people do not possess. They go along to get along. This is not me. I believe in team work at all times. If the team is going in the wrong direction someone has to redirect it.

I am not afraid to be that person. I also am not above helping a talented person who annoys me to cultivate their talent. Principles before personalities is a quote that I believe in.

In conclusion, my vision for the Green Party of the United States is for us to become a beacon of hope for the world. This can be accomplished through informed candidates running on the ballot in all 50 states and territories.

To achieve this vision, we need a strong infrastructure that attracts a diverse group of comrades to join us. We need to use our members donations of time and money wisely.

I appreciate your reading this very long bio and ask each of you to vote for me. My promise to you is this...I will listen to everyone of you and if I do not agree with you, I will tell you why. I then will give you the opportunity to educate me on why I am wrong.

My ego is strong. I have never been afraid to be proven wrong or admit when I am wrong. I have demonstrated the skill of humility a few times as a Michigan Delegate on this list-serve.

Good luck to all the other Delegates running, yet I hope I win a seat as I have many ideas to move our party forward.


Robin Laurain, Michigan Delegate 

"Not left or right but forward"


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