Sunday, July 26

9:00 a.m. – Noon

Budd Dickinson called the meeting to order at 9:20 a.m.
Roll Call

AR – 1d
AZ – 2d
CA – 4d
CT – ?
DE – 1d
DC – 1d
FLA – 3d
GA – 2d
IN – 1d
ILL – 3d
IA – 1o
LA – 1
MD – 2d
MI – 4d
ME – 1d
MO – 1d
NJ – 1d
NY – 1d, possibly 2 or 3 later
NC – 1d, more o
SC – 2d, more o
PA – 3d
TN – 2d
VA – 1d
WVA – 1d
WA – 1d
OK – 1d
TX – 1d (?2d?), more o
WI – 2d
MN 1d
Lavender – 1d
Black – 1d
Women – 1d

SC candidate speeches, co-chairs
Jennifer Sullivan (FLA)
Nick Mellis (NJ)
Farheen Hakim (MN)
David Strand (MN)
Kat Swift (TX)

Holly Hart (IA), secretary

Jill Bussiere gave a pitch for sustainers


Justine McCabe
see online report

Jack Ailey

Committee reviewed the past cycle and is discussing ways to resolve several problems that occurred; other options for platform revision; support for Green Papers

Presidential Campaign Support Committee
Tom Yager
Note of thanks to former co-chair Maria Kuriloff, who recently passed away.

PCSC developed guidelines for Green Presidential candidates to qualify as a Green presidential candidate; organized a presidential candidate forum at the 20907 meeting in Reading, PA; wants to create a better state/nationwdie support system and achieve federal matching funds next cycle. Joe Schriner (OH) has thrown his hat in the ring for 2012.

Ann Link
Thanks to co-chairws Scott McLarty & Starlene Rankin, worked year round to get GP and officeholders and candidates noticed in the media. Worked with local NC party to identify newsworthy topics that might be of interest to reporters – single- payer ballot access. Hosted forum on single payer. Two articles in local “Sun,” and two in local independent weekly. Contacted local TV stations, disappointed not to see them. We have formed our own TV station and have been webcasting many events from this meeting over our website. Craig Seeman, Starlene Rankin, Dave Doonan, Sanda Everette, Kat Swift, Eric Anderson.

Speakers Bureau
slow start, but getting more interest; started about a year ago. John Battista, Laura Wells, Ben Miekljohn. Florida delegates will find a speaker for a single payer debate on campus.

Green Pages
David McCorquodale
Produced 3 issues in 2008 (normally doing 4) – small committee. recently gained a couple new members,m and hope to put out 4 issues again this year. Can always use contributors, writers party activity. Next issue would like any unsolicited ideas to be submitted by September 1st. Also, financial crisis; suspended all printing except the pre-meeting issue. Sent out bundles to state parties. One attenders (Young, NY) stated at least once a year is a good idea, used for tabling, important.

Fundraising and Finance
Jody Grage
Call for more members for each committee

Lavender Caucus
David Strand
Thanks to Jay Parks, just stepped down as chair; new chair is Thomas Leavitt; recently elected new officers, beginning process of prioritizing for coming year. Lacking funds, there were several events they had been present at in the past had to be missed. A number of caucus members are running for office (noting Midge Potts, running for US Senate in MO; Lisa Green, CA state legislature); some officeholders, as well. LC would like GPUS to us LC for a resource.Spoke about recent gains, problem issues, hate crimes. GLBTIQ community has had a lot of hopes raised, but impatient. Asked that GLBT candidates contact the LC, they offer information.

National Women’s Caucus
Julia Willebrand
NWC is insufficiently active. there are many critical women’s issues. Some focus on internal work, but we have not done a lot of public work this year. Call for members, points to Linda Manning-Myatt, chair, for applications.

Black Caucus
Theresa El-Amin
Caucus has had dynamic communication over the past year, consistent conference calls and a google group set up. Worked with this meeting. Met this Friday at The Notebook. Recent officer elections: George Martin, parliamentarian, ? – delegate to NC, Thomas Muhammed, treasurer. COBRA member did a workshop on reparations – transformation of society (health care is a key area).

Barry Hermanson noted that GPAX has not been active; feels it is imp-rotant and gave out his email for people to contact him, help get things re-started.

Drew Johnson gave a brief review of Disabliity Caucus, did some of the work to become an accredited GPUS caucus

Finishing up Messaging Work Sessions

GPUS Standing Committees report on how they facilitate working group

reciprocal relationship with messaging; need message to fundraise, need adequate funds to get message out

Electoral Groups
Lou Novak
4 items

using materials provided by 3 working groups, provide to campaigns, distill into talking points, papers
series of conference calls around how candidates might use those in theri messaging
help to target races that have elected offices with poor records in these areas we decided to target; recruit candidates who are strong on those issues, perhaps in those districts
discussion of buying lists from organizations associated with those issues; cultivate for “hidden Greens”

Jill Bussiere
Connection to network of Greens around the world.
A lot of information about health care in other countries, IC can put together in a way Americans can hear. Copenhagen, various groups meeting about global warming, IC hopes to send Greens there.
Tim Willard
Only 2 newer members were present in Durham. They have been working along similar lines as “Food, Water & Energy” group, would like to start coordinating efforts in terms of papers and more simple ways of reaching the public. (Blogger Gregg Jocoy mentioned that Eco-Action has an active Facebook presence, recommends their Facebook site.)

More dicussion of how to move forward on these projects.

Green eBay event

Jody presented the staff with a conceptual map of Washington, D.C.

Phil Huckelberry made some final remarks about why he wasn’t running for a second term as co-chair. Wants to focus on the Whitney campaign for governor of Illinois. Whitney’s intention is to raise a half-million $ and win; run 100 candidates for partisan office in ILL in 2010. Invites to Chicago to help out.


Black – 1d
Women – 1d