We Are The Green New Deal

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If you willing to fight for the Green New Deal and help elect candidates committed to supporting the following points, please sign the petition.

  • Guarantee a Living Wage Job For Every American Willing and Able to Work

  • Establish a Full Employment Program That Will Create 25 Million Jobs By Implementing a Nationally Funded, Locally Controlled Employment Initiative

  • Enact Worker's Rights, Including The Rights to a Safe Workplace, to Fair Trade, and to Organize Unions Without Fear Of Reprisal

  • Ensure The Right to Quality Health Care By Means Of a Universal Single-Payer Medicare-For-All Program

  • Guarantee Tuition-Free Public College and Grant Student Debt Forgiveness

  • Provide All Americans with Decent, Accessible, Affordable Housing and Democratically Run, Publicly Owned, Not-For-Profit Utilities

  • Reform Tax Codes and Laws to Assure Fair Taxation

  • Distributed In Proportion to One's Ability to Pay

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