In honor of World Aids Day

To the entire generation of gay men, women, and trans folks, mostly of color, who were wiped from this earth by AIDS due to GHWB's failure to act, we remember you all today and forever.

Your legacy of resistance and struggle will forever guide us in our path. You are the true story of the fight for liberation, and the people we shall be mourning today and everyday.

In honor of World Aids Day and the many whom lost their lives to the crisis and the government's failure to act, I ask for us all to aide one person living with HIV, or an organization conducting research, providing social services, or both, either financially or through some form of contribution. The fight against AIDS continue today, as it continues to ripple through communities, especially of color, and the South Florida region.

Thank you, and good night.

Elijah Manley
GPFL Delegate