2000 ASGP Convention

2000 The Association of State Green Parties National Nominating Convention

The Green Party: Building a Better Democracy

Denver, Colorado
June 24 – 25, 2000
Nominated Ralph Nader & Winona LaDuke

Jim Hightower was keynote speaker at the convention. Other speakers included: Manning Marable, Helen Caldicott, John Anderson, Jello Biafra, Ann Northrop and Medea Benjamin. The convention was attended by over 300 voting delegates from 39 states. Over 1200 people attended the final nominating event. Also attending were representatives from 15 foreign Green Parties as well as Green Party Federations of the Americas, Europe and AFRICA. 

Ralph Nader and Winona LaDuke were nominated with 92% of the vote, with the remainder being split evenly between Jello Biafra and Stephen Gaskin. The convention delegates also approved the convention platform that Nader and LaDuke ran on.

The convention was a big success in bringing the Green Party message to millions of Americans who had never heard of it and demonstrated that the Green Party is the serious alternative to the two-party duopoly.

Convention schedule

Press Releases

May 2: Blue-Green Alliance Challenges Two-Party And Global Corporate Domination
May 30: Media Invitation: Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention
June 6: European Advisory: Us Greens To Hold Convention
June 12: Greens Face -- And Win -- Uphill Battles For A Presidential Slot On State Ballots
June 14: "Lavender Green" Reception, On The Eve Of The Green Convention, Will Honor Ann Northrop
June 15: Greens From Around The World Will Attend The Green Party Convention In Denver
June 16: D.C. To Denver 2000 Freedom Ride
June 19: Green Elected Officeholders And Candidates From All Over The U.S. At The Denver Convention
D.C. To Denver 2000 Freedom Ride To Leave Anacostia June 19
June 23: Ralph Nader And Winona Laduke Arrive At The Green Convention In Denver
Green Delegates Endorse A Green Party Platform
Greens Plot Strategy, Plan To Take Over More Cities And States, Win More Elections

Photographs by Eric M. Appleman
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Video coverage from Mike Feinstein's archive

Friday, June 23rd

Alex Gonzalez de Peru
Alex Gonzalez, President of the Green Party of Peru - Alternativa Verde
Time: 10:01 

Saturday, June 24th

Jim Hightower plenary speech
Introduced by Texas Green David Cobb
Time: 44:10 

Manning Marable plenary speech
Introduced by Elizabeth Horton Sheff, City Councilmember, Hartford, Connecticut
Time: 37:23 

Marco Antonio Mroz, Brazil
International Secretary of the Green Party of Brazil speaks to plenary session
Time: 06:11 

Marian Coyne, European Greens
Co-spokesperson of the European Federation of Green Parties, speaks to plenary session
Time: 07:33  

Adamou Garba, Green Party of Niger
Plenary speech by Adamou Garba, Green Party of Niger and Secretary General of the Federation of African Green Parties
Time: 08:01 

Interviews with Key Figures
Interviews with California Green Senate candidate Medea Benjamin; Santa Monica City Councilmember Mike Feinstein; former Texas Agriculture Secretary Jim Hightower, former Illinois Congressmember John Anderson, Green Presidential candidate Stephen Gaskin. Echnaton Vedder. Interviews by Mary Moore & Adrian Maher. Comments by Green organizer Echnaton Vedder.
Time: 32:17 

Interviews with Key Figures 2
Interviews with Green Vice-Presidential candidate Winona LaDuke; Jello Biafra, David Brower. Interviewed by Mary Moore & Adrian Maher.
Comments by Green organizers Deborah Howes (Oregon) and Tony Affigne (Colorado)
Time: 26:05 

Sunday, June 25th

Ralph Nader Presidential Acceptance Speech
Time: 59:32

Green Officeholder Plenary Speeches
Speeches by Santa Monica City Councilmember Mike Feinstein; Member of Mexico City legislature Arnold Ricalde de Jager, Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico; Gail Dixon, D.C. Board of Education; Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Professor of Internal Medicine.
Time: 56:36 

C-Span Video Coverage

Green Party Convention Opening Ceremonies
June 25, 2000

Speakers encouraged their fellow Green party members to fight for their beliefs this election season. They emphasized the progress being made across the country in their fight for a more environmentally sound, less corporate driven America.

Green Party Speech by Professor Marable
June 24, 2000

Professor Marable called for the development of a just and humane society in the 21st century. He insisted that the Green Party must be courageous in the face of established political power in order to facilitate change in America. Crises of structural racism, economic inequality, incarceration, and public education pose a daunting task for America.

Green Party Convention
June 25, 2000

Green Party members and delegates gathered to nominate their presidential candidate, Ralph Nader, a long-time consumer rights advocate. Key issues in the party platform include more environmental awareness, nonviolence, community-based and more democratic economics and respect for diversity. In his acceptance speech, he spoke about the need for action by ordinary citizens to retake control of the U.S. political and economic systems. He also criticized both major parties for helping businesses control U.S. society rather than allowing the people to rule in the true sense of democracy, and for not allowing major third party candidates to be involved in the presidential debates.

Audio difficulty was experienced briefly during program.

Green Party Speech
June 24, 2000

Ms. Northrop talked about the high ideals that the Green Party should hold, but cautioned against being sure one has the answers all the time. She also raised issues related to sexuality. 

Nader Campaign News Conference
June 22, 2000
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Mr. Nader and Mr. Hoffa spoke to reporters about Mr. Nader's campaign for the Green Party's presidential nomination. While Mr. Hoffa did not specifically endorse Mr. Nader, he said that he supported Mr. Nader's views on international trade and his labor policies. After their remarks they answered questions from the reporters.