2000 Schedule

Schedule for the Green Party Nominating Convention in Denver

Friday, June 23
Opening Reception for convention attendees, 
6pm and on; Hotel Ballroom
8:30  Welcome Message from Dean Myerson
8:35  Craig Palmer, General Secretary, 
       New Zealand Green Party
8:40  Alex Gonzales, Alternativa Peru
8:45  Francoise Duthu, Sec'y International Relations, 
       Les Verts
8:50  Maitalal Gurung, Green Party Nepal

Saturday, June 24
Convention Opening Session
9:30am  Opening welcome  Art Goodtimes
9:35  Facilitator's Introduction
9:45  Approval of the Agenda
10:00 - Credential Committee Report, possibly votes on credentialing from the Floor
10:20  Steering Committee Report
10:30  Platform Committee Presentation; Report on any petitions for the debate agenda;  Debate and vote on Proposed Revisions and Amendments

12:00  Lunch

1:15  Keynote Speech  Manning Marable, introduced by Elizabeth Horton-Sheff
2:00  Return to consideration of Proposed Revisions and Amendments
3:45  Vote on Adoption of Platform
3:55  First Strike Theatre Group
4:00  Keynote Speech  Ann Northrop
4:25 - Welcome from Spokesperson of the European Federation of Green Parties
4:30  Keynote Speech  Sidney Wolfe
4:55  Closing announcements
5:00  Adjourn
6:00  Dinner
8:00 – First Strike Comedy Troupe
8:10 – Jim Hightower
8:55 – Adamou Garba, Pres., African Federation of Green Parties
9:00 -  Marco Mros, Fed of Green Parties of the Americas, Partido Verde Brasil
9:05 – First Strike Comedy Troupe
9:10 – Dr. Helen Caldicott

Sunday, June 25
9:00 am  Medea Benjamin, Candidate for U.S. Senate, California
9:15  Pat LaMarche, Former Candidate for Governor, Maine
9:30  Ron Forthofer, Candidate for U.S. Congress, Colorado
9:45  Elizabeth Horton-Sheff, City Council Member, Hartford, Connecticut
10:00  John Anderson, Center for Voting and Democracy
10:30  Don Torgerson, Press Secretary, American Reform Party
10:40  Sara Amir, Candidate for State House, California
10:55  Gail Dixon, School Board Member, District of Columbia
11:10  Mike Feinstein, City Council Member, Santa Monica, California
11:25  Julie Jacobson, County Council, Island of Hawai'i
11:40  Remarks by Representative of the Green Group in the European Parliament
11:45  Remarks by Arnold de Jager, Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico
11:50  Announcements

12:00  Lunch

1:00  Keynote Speech  Tony Mazzocchi, Labor Party (introduced by Tony Affigne)
1:35  Joel Kovel, former candidate for Green Party Presidential Nomination
1:45  Request for Nomination by candidates seeking Green Party Nomination
         1:55  Jello Biafra
         2:05  Stephen Gaskin
         2:15  Ralph Nader, or representative
2:25  Roll Call of the States
3:00  Acceptance Speech by the Presidential Candidate
4:00  Acceptance Speech by the Vice Presidential Candidate