2021 Annual National Meeting — July 15th-18th

Dismantling Oppression, Building Solidarity: A Green Party For Everyone


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Two hands joining emblazoned with values like "organizing", "equity", "inclusion", "unite", "reach out", "collaborate"

The 2021 Green Party Annual National Meeting (ANM) will be held online, as the world's recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet ready to guarantee a safe, in-person meeting.

We will miss the opportunity to share space with Greens from across the country but we can take this online gathering as an opportunity for truly national work on some of the most pressing challenges for this party. We hope you will join us from July 15-July 18 in the spirit of this year's theme, "Dismantling Oppression, Building Solidarity: A Green Party For Everyone."

Important information for ANM Participants

All ANM Participants MUST REGISTER to receive instructions on how to convene with us online. Please register by Friday, July 9th.

Registration fees will cover comprehensive training on anti-racism, anti-oppression and solidarity necessary for building our party as a powerful, equitable force for the liberation of all. Your fees also provide for the infrastructure and staff necessary to produce an online national meeting from multiple locations, plus online workshops, news conferences and more.

We will also dedicate resources to accessibility assistance, such as for the vision-impaired, hearing-impaired and lack of access to a computer or Internet connection.

If you have other registration questions, email [email protected]

The Green Party Annual National Meeting will broadcast sessions LIVE, for free on the Internet for all, when circumstances allow. Please support this chance for Greens across the country to connect and learn from each other by donating to the Green Party today!