2021 ANM Workshop Videos

Kali Akuno Keynote | Kickoff News Conference | Surviving Pulse 

Thursday, July 15

Introducing the Green Socialist Organizing Project

How to be respectful in a gender diverse environment

Criminal Justice - Impacts on Community

Open Voter, Open Source Voting Software to Remove Oppressors

Championing a Green New Deal for Voting Rights – Redeeming the DECLARATION

The One-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, which calls for a shared democratic state from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River

Moving Targets – Experiences with Overt and Covert Racism in the Green Party

How To Build A Local

Controlling the menace of high-tech weapons, a global Green approach

The Money Behind Oppression: Money's role in Oppression and Liberation

Green Women Running for Office

Friday, July 16

Same Page, Same Book, Same Message: The Black & Green Connection

Dismantling Violence against Women in Latin America

Understanding Queer Geographies

Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation

Historic Colonialism in the South

Jim Crow Reparations

Creating an Indigenous Led Community Land Trust: A Case Study

Intersex, non-binary and the gender spectrum

Saturday, July 17

Frontline Communities Running for Office

LGBTQIA+ Rights are the 'canary in the coal mine' of Human Rights

Disability and Technology

The creation of one democratic state with equal rights for Israelis and Palestinians

Patriarchy and It's Enablers: How Patriarchal Attitudes Oppress Valuable Contributions in the GP

Video: STAND UP, FIGHT BACK! Consciously confronting white supremacist hate groups through antifascist direct action and humor

Sunday, July 18

Diversity, Intersectionality, Inclusion

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