Ben Lapham

Ben-Lapham-300.jpgBenjamin C. Lapham for Glens Falls Common Council

I am a 49 year-old software engineer and homeowner on Sherman Ave for the past 10 years. I have resided in Warren County and worked for Gracenote/Tribune Media Services for over 27 years and have been active in the community volunteering with Art in the Public Eye, Planned Parenthood, The Open Door Mission and having co-founded the Glens Falls Food Co-op as well as serving as its president for several years.

I will work to support measures that increase homeowner autonomy. I favor less intrusive and more consistent code enforcement. I want to see greater governmental transparency and less waste.

I want to make sure that as Glens Falls goes through its plans for downtown revitalization that we are all represented and all benefit from the changes. I want to work for low cost solutions to improve the quality of life in the Fourth Ward. I am excited to be sharing my ballot line with fellow Green candidates Rich Cirino (mayor) and Robin Barkenhagen (councilor at-large) who I believe each represent excellent options for voters seeking a better Glens Falls.

I believe my years of experience in private business as well as my years of community involvement will be a great benefit for the city. I look forward to hearing from people who are interested in seeing Glens Falls at its best.

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