To sign up for the CallHub system, please email [email protected]. 

When you're ready--login to CallHub here.

If you have not used CallHub before, click here for a written tutorial

In short, you will login at CallHub io, add your number in "Settings,"

Click on the campaign name you want to join. Note what geography the campaign is calling in the name -- typical call hours are 9am to 9pm local time. If you cannot connect, you may be trying to call outside of call hours. Or there may be no one left to call in that campaign.

Look over the script. Then click "Join Campaign" to receive a call from CallHub that connects you to the system. Don't worry--it never displays your number as the caller. It displays a generic Green Party number. 

If someone answers, go by the script and answer the questions below the script.

If they do not pick up, hit "Drop Voicemail." It will leave a pre-recorded voicemail with all the needed details.

Take your time to fill out the questions. When you are ready, hit "next call" when you are ready.  

When you are done making calls, hit "End Campaign."