Green Party of Colorado declares ecosocialism as cure for climate change, economic injustice

On this Earth Day, leaders of the Green Party of Colorado (GPCO) express support for and dedication to the principles of ecosocialism, to counter the climate crisis and metabolic rift between people and nature created by world capitalism, and to end oppressive systems stemming from white supremacist heteropatriarchy. GPCO calls for the free association and self-determination of individuals and peoples, in ecological equilibrium. Continue reading

Why I Will Risk Arrest on My Birthday

On April 23rd I will turn 61. But that is not the big news. The news of the day is that I will be one of scores of New Yorkers who will come together in Albany from all over the state to demand that Governor Cuomo Walk the Talk and end all fossil fuel infrastructure projects. I always loved having a birthday around Earth Day because I have been an environmental and social justice activist. But there has not been much to celebrate when it comes to the state of our planet and the danger to all the species who live on it. Nationally, this country is slipping back from even the minimal commitments made by previous administrations. In New York, where the Governor likes to proclaim himself a leader on addressing climate change. we lag far behind other states in real action to reduce carbon emissions. All talk and very little meaningful action. Continue reading

Honoring Mother Earth

Earth is the only living planet we know of. Everything required for us to live is provided by our living planet. There would be no human economy, no human life, no life at all, if it were not for this phenomenon we call Earth. We owe the Earth a great debt for all these gifts, and that debt continues to grow each day we forget to give back. Earth Week was a recognition of that growing debt, now reduced to only a day, one day to say thank you to our Earth, Mother of all life. It is not enough as we continue to take without giving. If we are to celebrate this life we must learn to give back to the source of it all. Continue reading

Why I am doing climate civil disobedience this Earth Day

On April 23, I will join with hundreds of fellow climate activists at the State Capitol in Albany to tell Governor Cuomo that he needs to walk the talk in taking action to stop climate change. I am one of many fellow Green Party,, PAUSE, gas pipeline activists, seniors, students, faith leaders, etc. who have pledged to do civil disobedience at the Capitol. Continue reading

The First Earth Day

I recall the first Earth Day, in 1970, the same year Neil Young put out After The Gold Rush, which gave us the words, "Look at Mother Nature, on the run, in the nineteen seventies." Yes, I'm dating myself with radio carbon accuracy - I was a senior in high school on that day. But that gives me some perspective, if not wisdom. Continue reading

"Me Too"

I have witnessed my rivers polluted by manmade chemicals that destroy the life that I have created within them. Everywhere forest ecosystems that support not only trees, but myriad animals and other plants, are being clear cut or replaced with monocrop tree plantations that are nothing like the original biodiverse and vital forests. Continue reading

The True Values of Earth Day

Earth Day is one of those events that everyone recognizes but few take to heart. I know that I didn't at first. Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was published the summer after I graduated from college. We all understood the problem, but it wasn't personal. I even vaguely remember the smog deaths in Donora, PA from my early childhood. That would have been personal had I lived there, but I didn't. Continue reading

Make Your Voice Heard!

"I'm Advyth, I'm 17 years old, and I love the Green Party because we have practical solutions to address many of our current challenges. During the 2016 presidential election, I felt that many of my concerns were not being addressed by the candidates of the two major parties. When I learned about the Green Party, and its guiding pillars of Social Justice, Democracy, Ecology, and Peace, I realized these described what I believed in. The solution to many environmental, social, and economic problems are in the comprehensive and cohesive Green New Deal platform, which encompasses universal healthcare, a rapid shift to 100% renewable energy, and basic income. Continue reading