The Green Party will keep the Political Revolution going beyond 2016.

GPUS_web_Election-Day-and-Beyond_2_(3).pngIt's GOTV time! Make sure all your friends, family, neighbors, and others who've expressed support for Green candidates get to the polls and vote Green. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka won't get 5% or more without that last-minute push.

Know your Green candidates in the 2016 election! 

Work the polls! Green candidates for national, state, and local office need help on Election Day, especially volunteers to hand out flyer near voting sites.

Follow Election Day results here

Hold an Election Night "Victory Party"! Celebrate with Green Party candidates, members, campaign volunteers, and supporters.

Read the Stein/Baraka Campaign's "Final Stretch" page

Regardless of who wins on Election Day, the Green Party will keep the Political Revolution going beyond 2016. As 2008 Green vice-presidential nominee Rosa Clemente said, the Green Party is an imperative for the 21st century. Start thinking about the coming years. Get involved in your state Green Party.

Hold a post-election party to welcome new Green Party members and show appreciation for Green candidates and others who worked hard in 2016 to build the party.

Do you want to run for public office? Do you know someone who might want to run for office as a Green? Begin planning for the 2017 and 2018 elections. Contact your state and local Green Parties.

Get involved in your community. Let Green voices be heard everywhere. From rent control to the fight against privatization of public schools to Black Lives Matter to protests against pipelines and fracking, people across the U.S. are fighting for a better world. Join them!

Are you under 35? Join the Youth Caucus! The Green Party has various caucuses: Latinx Caucus, Lavender Greens (for LGBT*QIA+ party members), Black Caucus, National Women's Caucus, Youth Caucus. Read about and contact them.

The Green Party can't keep going without your help

Please contribute to the party.

Volunteer to help build our party for 2017 & beyond

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