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We call on the U.S. President and Congress to suspend all military and foreign aid, including loans and grants, to Israel until Israel withdraws from the Occupied Territories, dismantles the separation wall in the Occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem, ends its siege of Gaza and dismantles settler colonies and systemic apartheid toward its non-Jewish citizens.

Hello Greens from around the US! Here is what the GPAX Action Working Group march coordinating team came up with for logistics for our Green coalition at the March on Washington this Saturday.

Meet up with us before the march starting at 10am. Meet up with us after/during the march at 4pm at a very similar location. GPAX Action Working Group will be having a zoom debrief on Wednesday after the march.

The Green Party of California has signed onto a letter calling on states to support South Africa's Genocide Convention Case against Israel at the International Court of Justice, being heard this week. Watch the proceedings of the case here.

The Green Party’s strong support of this vital call for justice deeply aligns with our core values, and with more than a thousand organizations as can be seen below the letter itself, found here.

On Sunday, January 7, the Green Party of Pennsylvania State Committee endorsed the National March for Gaza, scheduled for January 13 in Washington DC.
There are now buses going to the march from five parts of Pennsylvania:

Last month, the North Carolina Legislature continued their blind support of apartheid Israel with their unanimous support of House Resolution 897, which calls for even more U.S. government funding for Israel and asserts the attacks on October 7th were “unprovoked”.

Photo: Sean Dougherty with protesters.

My name is Sean Dougherty and I’m running for Congress against Jimmy Panetta.

I call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza. There is no military solution. The slaughter of the people of Gaza will accomplish nothing but the creation of more militants and thousands more dead children.

Dear Congresswoman Stefanik,

We, the undersigned, urge you to resign immediately for your aiding and abetting genocide of Palestinians in Gaza by voting to send arms to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to perpetrate the crime in violation of the Genocide Convention. It is altogether fitting and proper that you do this.

Miko Peled spoke on December 5, 2023 at the Bethlehem Library, Delmar, New York. His topics were the Gaza war, Israel, Palestine and Zionism.

A member of the DC Statehood Green Party, Peled is an outspoken advocate for Palestinian Rights and the author of The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine.

Greens March for Palestine in Worcester on Black Friday

Hundreds marched past Worcester's City Hall Friday afternoon to support Palestinians in the face of Israel's murderous assault on Gaza and, more recently, its attacks on the West Bank.  Many marchers from the Central MASS Green-Rainbow Party carried signs and led chants, including "Israel bombs, USA pays, how many kids did you kill today?”

On November 29, 1947 the United Nations adopted Resolution 181 that would divide Great Britain's former Palestinian mandate into Jewish and Arab states. In the intervening years, Israel has been engaged in a series of wars with adjacent Arab states and displaced Palestinians.

As a potential 2026 candidate for Governor of Maryland, as a human being, and as a member of the Maryland Green Party, I am committed to peace, justice, and democracy for Palestinians and Israelis alike. I am deeply saddened by the violence, the occupation and the system of Israeli apartheid. I am angry at the United States federal government, and numerous state governments, for the direct and material enabling of Israeli regimes that continue to defy international law and make peace impossible.

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